What do these Mercedes-Benz models have in common?

Mercedes-Benz - Steering Wheel 1

What do these Mercedes-Benz models have in common?

It’s the all-new, highly-interactive, feature-full Mercedes-Benz User Experience system!

MBUX for short here is what you’ll expect as a user:

1. Voice control
“Hey Mercedes” – two words are enough to listen and – even better – it does what you ask. Thanks to the new revolutionary voice control, many functions can be controlled simply by your voice, ranging from the radio to climate control.

2. Touch inputs
Why is it that we like to touch everything? Because it’s in our nature. Just like talking. And that’s why the touchpad and the touchscreen of this Mercedes, and even the buttons on the steering wheel react to your touch. Simple, natural, and intuitive.

3. Personalisation
Just like with a smartphone, you can set up your personal profile. The next time you get in the car, it knows what to do straight away. It also adjusts the air conditioning, the music and the displays so everything is set the way you like it.

4. Theme displays
Mercedes-Benz cars can always manage a little bit more. That’s why you can adapt not only the ambient lighting to suit your mood, but also the display styles in the instrument cluster and in the central display.

Come view our extensive range of Mercedes-Benz models with MBUX soon!

(Information from Mercedes-Benz)

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