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If you have someone at home whose mobility is compromised such as a grandparent or a person who has a disability, then a Toyota Welcab model is exactly what you need.Toyota Welcabs are an excellent choice for caregivers because they are specially designed and manufactured for that purpose.There is a myriad of Welcab variants so you can pick the one with the features you require.The variety of features include a front passenger seat that tilts and rotates, a front passenger seat that comes out the car automatically, second row seats which lower electrically for easier entry and egress, and detachable middle row seat which can be used as a wheelchair so the occupant can be lowered onto the ground and moved away without needing to leave the seat.Come view and experience the thoughtful, intelligent and functional seats in our Toyota Welcab models soon.



Detachable electric seat

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VINCAR Welcab Specialists:​Tel: 6473-1119

View Welcab Vehicles at 24 Leng Kee ShowroomOpen Daily 9AM to 7:30PM (Map Direction)Tel: 6473-1119

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