Toyota Sienta 1.5G Hybrid (New Facelift) LED

Flaunting its playful appearance and convenient three-row seating, the new Toyota Sienta Hybrid 1.5G is a seven-seater compact minivan, giving you a fun experience on a new level. Its sporty exterior is inspired by a trekking shoe’s shape, showcasing a striking presence on the road. 

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Flaunting its dynamic appearance and convenient three-row seating, the new Toyota Sienta 1.5G Hybrid (New Facelift) LED is a seven-seater compact minivan, giving you a fun experience on a new level. Its sporty exterior is inspired by a trekking shoe’s shape, showcasing a striking presence on the road. 

Sienta 1.5G Hybrid LEDThe Toyota Sienta Hybrid 1.5G is powered by a 1.5-litre hybrid system that produces an electric output of 60 hp and a maximum electric torque of 169 Nm. With its Dual Power Sliding Doors, getting in and out of this family MPV is now accessible even for the young ones. The Toyota Sienta also has two driving modes, the ECO mode and the EV mode, to suit your driving style and, most significantly, help you save fuel consumption for a long adventure. 

A perfect seven-seater MPV for little family adventures, the new Toyota Sienta Hybrid 1.5G promises to bring you comfort and convenience throughout your trip. 

Special Features of the Toyota Sienta 1.5G Hybrid (New Facelift) LED

Bi-beam LED Headlamps with Auto Levelling Function

Sienta 1.5G Hybrid LEDBy integrating high and low beams in one projector, the Bi-Beam LED headlamps improve your visibility, particularly at night.

These headlamps change the light distribution according to the light in the atmosphere and incoming vehicles to minimize driver fatigue.

This functionality provides an auto-leveling mechanism that functions by detecting details such as the driver’s inputs, the car’s current position, and ground surface variations.

To have optimum visibility, it adjusts the lighting angles of the headlights in real-time.

Driving Style modes

Sienta 1.5G Hybrid LEDTo suit your driving style, the latest Toyota Sienta Hybrid has two driving modes. The first is the ECO mode, which is designed to help your car function more efficiently than under standard driving conditions.

It will monitor the amount of electricity sent to your vehicle’s air conditioning system and other accessories, helping you to get even more miles out of your car.

On the other hand, the EV mode uses only the car’s battery to keep it running. This also ensures that the vehicle would not have as much room as it does otherwise. 

Smart Entry System

Experience high-end innovation with Toyota’s Smart Entry System that now comes standard in the Toyota Sienta Hybrid.

It gives you a convenient way to open doors, start the car, and operate the stereo and ventilation system even when the engine is off.

Smart entry systems operate on an advanced computer system that detects keys without you having to use the key physically. 

Hybrid System Indicator

The hybrid system indicator displays the hybrid system’s operating state and provides fuel-efficient driving assistance under driving conditions and accelerator pedal action.

The most important benefit of this function is that it is multi-informational, supplying the driver with a large amount of valuable knowledge.

Toyota Safety Sense

It’s no wonder that this Toyota model prioritises safety, as shown by the Toyota Safety Sense feature. Its collision avoidance capabilities help track pedestrians at all hours of the day and night and bicyclists during the day.

These features, which are combined with the detector mechanism, incorporate the high-end functionality of both millimetre wave radar and monocular camera systems.

When the radar cruise control is working, the Lane Tracing Assist helps keep the Toyota Sienta focused in its lane, and the adaptive high beam completes the protection kit.

UV Cut Privacy Glass

The Toyota Sienta’s windshield has UV protection that can reject 99 percent of UV rays. It infiltrates the cabin with the existing technology that reduces ultraviolet rays that pass through the inside.

The effect is similar to wearing gloves when driving in terms of protection from sunburns.

Interior of the Toyota Sienta 1.5G Hybrid (New Facelift) LED

Multi-function 3-spoke Steering Wheel

Sienta 1.5G Hybrid LEDGenuine leather is covering the piano black 3-spoke steering wheel plated in satin chrome.

The Toyota Sienta’s driving experience gets more customized and comfortable thanks to features like the electric power steering.

You can conveniently adjust your desired driving position thanks to the auto tilt-away and return component.

The steering wheel is also multi-functional, with control choices for Toyota Safety Sense features located directly on it.

4.2-inch TFT Multi-information Display 

Sienta 1.5G Hybrid LEDTaking you on a new level of sophistication, the new Toyota Sienta comes with a 4.2-inch TFT multi-information display.

It is found on the instrument panel, conveying valuable messages and details to make you run your car more conveniently.

Genuine Leather Shift Knob

Sienta 1.5G Hybrid LEDA shift knob is wrapped in genuine leather and is located between the manual transmission stick shift and the driver’s hand.

The primary purpose of a shift knob is to provide a user-friendly interface between the driver and the manual transmission stick shift. 

Sun Visors

A sun visor is a part of a car that sits right behind the windshield. It has an adjustable hinged flap to help drivers and passengers shield their eyes from the glare of the sun.

Drivers can lower each visor to prevent sunlight from penetrating the windshield.


A significant and general-purpose feature, the ISOFIX system comes standard in the new Toyota Sienta Hybrid 1.5G.

It is compliant with child seat fixing and eliminates the chance of incorrect installation by helping you to mount the car seat quickly and comfortably.

SRS Airbags

The Toyota Sienta’s SRS Airbag package is complete for the driver and passengers, designed to inflate instantly in the event of a sudden crash or deceleration force that might signal a collision.

In the front and back, integrated knee airbags, side airbags, and SRS curtain shield airbags are entirely equipped to deal with any possible hazard.

Exterior of the Toyota Sienta 1.5G Hybrid (New Facelift) LED  

Dual Power Sliding Door 

Sienta 1.5G Hybrid LEDIts dual-power sliding door technology provides a comfortable and fast entry and exit into and out of the MPV.

A single click of the central control unit on the driver’s seat side simultaneously opens and shuts on both sides.

A pinch avoidance mechanism is also installed, meaning that no one gets pinched in between the doors.

LED Front Fog Lamps

Drive with ease, especially at night, with the LED front fog lamps integrated into your Toyota Sienta.

These lamps help you drive easily in inclement weather conditions or areas where fog and bad weather are present.

Fog lamps illuminate the road directly in front of a vehicle, making driving easier and safer in bad conditions.

Electronically Controlled Brake System

The electronically operated braking system will regulate and manage each of the wheelsets independently.

The adaptive design employs pre-programmed sensors to steer clear of potentially hazardous situations. One of the most notable predictive features of the system is rollover.

It will assess when a rollover is likely to occur, and if so, it will apply brakes to individual wheels to stop it and reduce the generators’ speed.


Prevent your car from rolling over with stabilizers integrated into each of the vehicle’s front wheels. When your vehicle goes around a turn, your vehicle’s body rolls to one side, or its weight shifts to one side.

The inner wheel’s suspension is compressed to hold the car upright. It distributes the car’s weight equally over all four tires to keep it steady around a corner.

Air Spats

The air spats either retain the impact of a side-splitter or merely help the diffuser’s result.

They’re usually found in the rear bumper cover’s lower corner. The rear spats continue the lower body line’s visual effects to the back of the car.

Rear Window Defogger

Improving your safety in driving, the new Toyota Sienta has a rear window defogger that removes the condensed water droplets from the rear windscreen.

Its primary function is to clear condensed water, thereby improving visibility. Window defoggers significantly reduce the chances of an accident and enhance road safety.

Toyota Sienta 1.5G Hybrid (New Facelift) LED Specifications


  • Centre cluster panel – Piano black + satin chrome
  • Shift bezel – Satin chrome
  • Inside door handle (front/ rear) – Front: Chrome; Back: Black
  • Accessory socket (DC 12V & 120W / 1 pcs) – Front: 1
  • Illuminated entry system (front personal lamp + room lamps) – Power switch
  • Auto air-conditioning & heater control panel
  • Seat material – Premium fabric
  • Arm rest for driver’s seat (left side)
  • Passenger’s seat back pocket
  • Cup holder (driver’s seat/passenger’s seat) – High gloss silver
  • Front seats (seat sliding + reclining + vertical adjuster for driver’s seat)
  • Second-row seat (seat sliding + reclining + tumbler function)
  • 5:5 split 3rd row seats (reclining + dive-in storage function)
  • Door scuff plate
  • Upper box for front passenger’s seat
  • Sliding door pockets & bottle holders (both sides)
  • Console side pocket (front passenger’s seat)
  • Deck side trim pockets (both sides)
  • Sun visors (vanity mirror – for driver and front passenger’s seat)
  • Clean air filter
  • Assist grip for boarding/ alighting (second-row seating trim)


  • 185/60R15 tire & 15×5 1/2J steel wheel (resin cover)
  • UV Cut function window shield green glass (lay on) – High sound insulation characteristics
  • UV Cut green glass (front door)
  • UV Cut privacy glass (Sliding door glass · Rear quarter glass · rear glass)
  • Hybrid emblems (Front, side, rear) – Hybrid car
  • Stabilizer (front / rear)
  • Aero stabilizing fins
  • Air spats (rear)
  • Painted door grip handles
  • Power rear doors


  • Toyota Safety Sense
    • Pre-crash safety system (laser radar + monocular camera system)
    • Lane departure alert
    • Automatic high beam
  • Emergency brake signal
  • Hill-start assist signal
  • Hill Assist control
  • S-VSC
  • ECB (Electronic Control Brake system)
  • ABS + Brake assist with EBD
  • Vehicle approaching report device
  • SRS airbags (driver & front passenger’s seats)
  • Vehicle body with pedestrian injury reduction type
  • ISOFIX compliant child seat attachment point + top tether anchor
  • Rear window defogger (with timer)
  • Painted door mirrors with LED indicators – Auto Electric retractable with remote control
  • Anti-glare inner mirror
  • LED high mount brake light


  • Optitron Meter (with brightness controller) – With Ambient illumination
  • Multi-information display (4.2” colour TFT crystal display with rear seat reminder function)
  • Hybrid system indicator
  • 3-spoke steering wheel (with piano black decoration) – Real leather + satin chrome
  • Tilt steering
  • Shift knob – Genuine leather
  • Steering switch (multi-information operation)
  • Smart Entry & Push start system
  • Mode switch (eco-drive mode + EV drive mode)
  • Cruise Control
  • Power sliding door (With pinch prevention function) – Dual (both sides)
  • Dual sliding door (with easy closer)
  • Electric power steering
  • Shift position indicator
  • Engine monitor warning
  • Gate-type shift lever

Included Optional Features

  • LED Package
    • Bi-beam LED headlamp (high & low beam) with Auto levelling function + LED clearance lamp
    • LED Front fog lamps
    • Rear combination lamp (LED Line Light Tail Lamp & brake lights)
    • Kon light (Auto on/off lamp system)

Technical Data of the Toyota Sienta 1.5G Hybrid (New Facelift) LED

Engine  Inline 4-cylinder DOHC
Engine Capacity 1,496 cc
Max Output (P) 72 hp (57 kW) / 4,800 rpm
Max Torque (P) 111 Nm / 3,600 – 4,400 rpm
Max Output (E) 60 hp (54 kW)
Max Torque (E) 169 Nm
Top Speed
Transmission E-CVT
Dimensions (L x W x H) 4,260mm x 1,695mm x 1,675mm
Fuel Tank capacity 4.1L / 100km
VES Band A2

History of Toyota Sienta 1.5G Hybrid (New Facelift) LED 

In September 2003, Toyota launched the Toyota Sienta, a new subcompact minivan with sliding doors. Given its small capacity, it can carry up to seven passengers. It has avant-garde styling close to that of the Renault Twingo. The Toyota Sienta is a three-row, seven-seat mini MPV based on Toyota’s iconic Vitz subcompact vehicle. It is a fun family car with a distinctive front end and a luxurious interior.

On July 9, 2015, a brand-new second-generation arrived. The outline of a trekking shoe influences the second-generation’s exterior style, and it includes a wide front grille and front and rear bumper garnishes that link the lights. Seven-seater, six-seater, and five-seater interior configurations are available. As compared to the previous generation iteration, interior space has been improved in every way. A hybrid version is also available, with a fuel economy of 27.2 km/L on Japan’s JC08 test cycle, making it eligible for eco-car discounts and tax incentives. In Japan, the Toyota Sienta comes in G, X, Hybrid X, and Hybrid G.

The model has been totally revamped as a cost-effective alternative for parents who need to transport their children and friends after school and want to take their mountain bike or camping gear to the woods on weekends. The latest Toyota Sienta, with a sporty exterior inspired by the shape of a trekking foot, aims to encourage people to get out and about by challenging people’s perceptions of a traditional square, box-like minivans while retaining a practical and high-quality interior.

With a flat, low floor, and convenient three-row seating, the interior maximizes cabin space. Along with the 3.3-meter-high sliding door that opens all the way to the third row, this makes it easy for both kids and adults to get in and out.

Under the JC08 evaluation cycle of the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism, with a sporty exterior inspired by the shape of a trekking foo. As a result, it meets or exceeds the Act on the Rational Use of Energy’s 2020 fuel efficiency requirements by 20 percent. The hybrid model is eligible for eco-car discounts and tax credits because it is certified to produce emissions that are 75 percent lower than the 2005 MLIT requirements.

On August 6, 2019, the Sienta Asian market was relaunched in Thailand, and on September 2, 2019, in Indonesia. Unlike the facelift for the Japanese market, the changes are limited to the grille and a few interior features. A 360-degree view display, a built-in dashcam, and armrests for the driver and second-row passengers are among the other upgrades.

The Toyota Sienta is currently sold in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Laos, Tanzania, Kenya, and Thailand. 

Toyota Sienta Hybrid 1.5G FAQ(FAQ)

Toyota Sienta 1.5G Hybrid (New Facelift) LED FAQ

How many seats does the Toyota Sienta 1.5G Hybrid (New Facelift) LED have?

The Toyota Sienta 1.5G Hybrid (New Facelift) LED has a seven seating capacity.

How many cc/power does the Toyota Sienta 1.5G Hybrid (New Facelift) LED have?

The Toyota Sienta 1.5G Hybrid (New Facelift) LED has a 1,496 cc engine capacity and a maximum electric output of 60 hp and 169 Nm of electric torque.

What is its fuel efficiency?

The Toyota Sienta 1.5G Hybrid (New Facelift) LED has a fuel tank capacity of 42-liters and fuel consumption of 4.1L / 100km with E-CVT transmission.

In what colours is the Toyota Sienta 1.5G Hybrid (New Facelift) LED available?

The Toyota Sienta 1.5G Hybrid (New Facelift) LED is available in Air Yellow (5B6), Silver Metallic (1F7), Radiant Green Mica (6W9), Black Mica (209), Sensual Red Mica (3T3), Beige (4V6). 

Where can I view the Toyota Sienta 1.5G Hybrid (New Facelift) LED?

You can visit us at our showrooms or call us at 6473-1119 (24 Leng Kee) or 6749-1119 (Ubi-AML). Do call ahead to confirm viewing availability.



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Down-Payment Amount: 55,995.20

Interest Rate: 2.48% (default)

Loan Period: 7
Estimated Monthly Instalments: 0 *

*Final instalment amount may differ. Please use as guide only. Final instalment amount subject to changes, terms and conditions and financing approval.

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