Honda Vezel 1.5G (FM2021)

Exuding a more angular, straight-edged look and horizontally themed layout cabin, the new Honda Vezel 1.5G (FM2021) conquers every family journey with exemplary performance and excellent driving capabilities.

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$140,988.00 SGD

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Road tax: $341 (6 months) $682 (12 months)

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Exuding a more angular, straight-edged look and horizontally themed layout cabin, the new Honda Vezel 1.5G (FM2021) conquers every family journey with exemplary performance and excellent driving capabilities.

Vezel 1.5G FM2021A reliable 1.5-litre 4-cylinder inline DOHC i-VTEC powers this new generation SUV, producing 116 horsepower and a maximum torque of 142 Nm mated to a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). This third-generation Honda Vezel boasts a newly redesigned interior for a maximum sense of openness and highly advanced technologies, assuring safe, stress-free driving. 

Bringing together dynamic handling and class-leading comforts for up to five passengers on board, the new Honda Vezel 1.5G (FM2021) is one of the sportier family cars in the market.

Special Features of the Honda Vezel 1.5G (FM2021)

Fully-automatic Air Conditioner

Vezel 1.5G FM2021Keeping the cabin at a predetermined temperature, the new Honda Vezel comes equipped with a fully automatic air conditioning system for a more relaxed and comfortable ride regardless of the outside temperature.

This air conditioning system is part of the climate control system with manual control systems for heating and cooling in the lower trims.  

60:40 Split Folding Rear Seat

Vezel 1.5G FM2021The 60:40 split rear seat configuration highlights the Honda Vezel’s functional seat as it allows you to accommodate extra-long cargo without compromising passenger comfort.

With a single pull of the cargo-area release lever, these rear seats can be folded flat on both sides. You can also change the recline angle to your desired seating position while the seatbacks are up. 

16-inch Aluminium Wheels

Vezel 1.5G FM2021Both classic and bold in style, the 16-inch aluminium wheels on the new Honda Vezel are painted in black finish and add to the dynamic look of this new generation SUV.

These high-performance aluminium wheels are designed to last and improve the overall driving and stability of the car.

Full LED Headlight

Vezel 1.5G FM2021Using a matrix technology with crystal clear light, the new Honda Vezel features full LED headlights that offer significant improvements in adaptability and illumination.

These headlights use little energy and last a long time. It also lowers fuel consumption, thus lowering vehicle pressure while partnered by a daytime running lamp to improve safety on the road. 

Eco Assist

Vezel 1.5G FM2021Experience more fuel-efficient driving habits with the Eco assist feature as it works in two main functions. First, the Eco Assist is a short-term for “Ecological Drive Assist System” that trains the driver to practice driving efficiently.

Second, with the aid of an integrated feedback system and an ECON button, this system optimises the vehicle’s operation for maximum fuel efficiency. 

Honda Smart Key System with Push Start Button

Vezel 1.5G FM2021Showcasing a new way of accessing your vehicle, the Honda smart key system enables you to access your car quickly.

You simply keep your key fob within 32 inches of the car, and this luxury SUV will open the doors for you. For a more convenient way of driving your car, the Honda Vezel 1.5G (FM2021) also includes a push start button.

It eases your way of starting the engine by stepping on the brake pedal and pressing the button until the engine starts or shuts off. 

Interior of the Honda Vezel 1.5G (FM2021)

Comfortable and High-Tech Cabin

Vezel 1.5G FM2021Honda completely redesigns the new Honda Vezel 1.5G (FM2021) with fine and premium materials to make all occupants experience high levels of comfort and accessibility. 

Its great cabin gives a maximum sense of openness and a refreshing view from the front and rear seats.

In addition, the dashboard and audio panel are entirely laid out in a perfect position for easy access around the field of view while driving.

Located in a way where you can reach it effortlessly, the controls and switches help you drive safely and smoothly without interrupting your line of sight and the flow of movement.

Multifunctional Steering Wheel

Vezel 1.5G FM2021The new Honda Vezel is equipped with a multifunctional steering wheel for an easy way of controlling in-car features directly without the need to take your hands off the wheel.

This steering wheel also comes with a telescopic and tilt steering function that adds to the driver’s comfort by adjusting the steering wheel to their preferences.

The telescopic steering’s primary function is to move the steering wheel towards or away from you, while the tilting steering works in changing the steering wheel’s height up and down. 

Multi-Information Display

Vezel 1.5G FM2021This high-performance SUV comes with a multi-information display meticulously designed to provide you with all of the information you need.

The multi-information display includes an engine oil life indicator, a fuel level indicator, a clock, an instant fuel efficiency indicator, an odometer, and trip meters.

Comfortable and Safety Front Seats

Vezel 1.5G FM2021Drive with a comfortable sitting position as the new Honda Vezel comes with functional front seats. The driver’s seat features a manual height adjustment, providing maximum comfort while driving.

Both the driver’s and front passenger’s seats also include an i-SRS airbag system that protects you from an unwanted collision.

The front seats come equipped with a side curtain airbag system that also corresponds to the rear seat.

Honda Sensing

The Honda SENSING is created to protect the car’s occupants and other road users by incorporating several intelligent safety features.

Honda SENSING, which detects and prevents one-car accidents, collisions, pedestrian incidents, and missing road signs, among other items, is standard on the new Honda Vezel.

This suite of smart safety features protects you while allowing you to enjoy your driving experience. 

Idling Stop System

Reducing wasteful fuel consumption, the idling stop system in the new Honda Vezel automatically switches off the engine when you pause at traffic lights or other brief stops. Likewise, it will be turned off when you restart the engine. 

Exterior of the Honda Vezel 1.5G (FM2021)

Distinctive Bodystyling

Vezel 1.5G FM2021The Honda Vezel 1.5G (FM2021) underwent major changes to showcase a refreshed bodystyling for a more sophisticated look and unique personality.

This reliable SUV comes equipped with an integrated grille matched with the colour of the vehicle to give a stronger sense of unity with the body.

The rear is now looking much cleaner than the previous model by eliminating the extra character line to emphasise the presence of the horizontal tail lamp.

Making it easier to load your luggage, Honda integrated an adopted tailgate positioned conveniently, proving its high usability. 

High-mounted LED Stop Lamp

Vezel 1.5 FM2021The high-mounted LED stop lamp is perfectly placed high in the vehicle’s rear and is activated when the service brake is applied to warn the car behind you.

It uses a new LED technology system for optimum light reflecting in the rear. 

Front Fascia

Vezel 1.5G FM2021Showcasing a redesigned styling in the front fascia, the new Honda Vezel exudes its sporty look courtesy of a flat, body-coloured grille with slim upswept LED headlights and a prominent honeycombed air dam below.

The Vezel stands out with its coupe-like silhouette and tight bodywork with a large glass area. 

Electronic Parking Brake

The electronic parking brake uses electric motors to achieve the effect of holding the car firmly in place when you hit on the brakes.

This system works by pressing or pulling the button, and the motors on the rear brake push the pads onto the discs. As the electric motors do their work, you can also hear a whirring noise for assurance

Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) System

By sensing understeer or oversteer, the Vehicle Stability assists you in maintaining proper car handling. This driver assistance system protects you from any kind of crash by automatically activating when a hazard is detected.

In addition, it increases stability and brings the car closer to the driver’s control by adjusting the engine output and braking each wheel independently.

Electrically-controlled Door Mirrors

Equipped with an advanced technology feature, the new Honda Vezel exhibits electric control door mirrors for more convenient driving, especially in tight spaces.

You can conveniently change their respective locations from the inside and fold them manually whenever you park in narrow places.

Honda Vezel 1.5G (FM2021) Specifications


  • Telescopic & tilt steering
  • Fully-automatic air conditioner
  • Multi-Information Display
  • Honda Smart key system
  • Push Start button
  • 6:4 split foldable rear seat with tip-up & dive-down mechanism
  • Electrostatic touch LED room lamp


  • 16-inch aluminium wheel (black + cutting)
  • Electric retractable remote control door mirrors (with LED turn signal) – Body-coloured
  • LED position lamp & LED front turn lamp
  • High-mounted LED stop lamp


  • Honda Sensing
    • Misstep collision mitigation system
    • Pedestrian accident reduction steering
    • Adaptive cruise control (ACC)
    • Lane Keep Assist System (LKAS)
    • Sign recognition function
    • Precedent car departure announcement function
    • Collision Mitigation Brake (CMBS)
    • Off-road deviation suppression function
    • Auto High beam
  • Full LED headlight (with daytime running lamp) – manual levelling/auto light control mechanism
  • LED fog lights
  • Driver’s seat and front passenger seat i-SRS front airbag system
    • Front seat i- Side airbag system + side curtain airbag system <front seat / rear seat corresponding>
  • Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) System
  • Agile handling assist
  • ABS with EBD (Electronically Controlled Braking Force Distribution System)
  • Emergency stop signal
  • Hill descent control
  • Electronic parking brake
  • Brake hold function
  • Idling stop system
  • Child seat support ISOFIX
    • lower mounting bracket (rear left and right seat) + top tether mounting bracket (rear left and right seat)
  • Eco Assist ( ECON Mode, teaching function)

Technical Data of the Honda Vezel 1.5G (FM2021)

Engine  DOHC i-VTEC In-line 4-cylinder
Engine Capacity 1,496 cc
Max Output 116 hp (87 kW) / 6,600 rpm
Max Torque 142 Nm / 4,300 rpm
Acceleration TBA secs (0-100km/h)
Top Speed TBA km/h
Transmission CVT
Dimensions (L x W x H) 4,330 mm x 1,790 mm x 1,580 mm
Fuel Tank capacity 40 L

360 Tour of the new Honda Vezel 1.5G (FM2021)

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History of Honda Vezel 1.5G (FM2021)

Honda has produced and sold the Vezel subcompact crossover SUV for three generations. Honda HR-V was another name for it, and the first generation was based on the Honda logo. The Honda HR-V was a three- or five-door SUV sold in Europe, Japan, and a few Asian markets from 1999 to 2006. After a hiatus between 2006 and 2013, Honda reintroduced the nameplate for the second-generation HR-V based on the third-generation Honda Fit. The Honda Vezel was first produced for the Japanese market in late 2013. In North America, Australia, Brazil, and a few Asian markets, it was sold as the HR-V in 2015.

The third-generation Vezel was unveiled on February 18, 2021, and development started in April of that year in Japan. Honda has given the current Vezel, which replaces its hugely popular predecessor, a new design. The most noticeable shift Honda has made is to its exterior styling. The new car is more angular and smoother, with the current model’s trademark upwards side slash replaced by a straight line connecting the headlights and taillights. In addition, Honda dropped the ‘Solid Wing Face’ grille bar favouring a more simplistic front design that includes upswept LED headlights and a wide six-point grille. To maximise the feeling of unity with the bodystyling, the integrated six-point grille is finished in body colour. The rear end features full-width taillights and a number plate recess that is further down. 

Honda has also increased the rear windscreen rake to make the roofline more coupe-like. The signature secret rear door handles have been preserved. A Play version with blue, red, and white highlights and a contrasting silver or black roof is also available in Japan. Continuing the horizontal trend inside, a slim, streamlined dashboard and a full-width air vent style are present inside. The airflow is diffused through the corner outlets, which have oddly chunky control knobs. Honda opted for a more traditional transmission tunnel with a unique chrome strip that wraps around the driver’s knee section rather than the tall bridge-like centre console.

The Honda Connect infotainment device is also available in the updated Vezel. It has an eight and nine-inch touchscreen with the use of analogue instruments on the dashboard. The Honda Vezel also has a Honda Sensing suite of safety features, including autonomous emergency braking, lane-keeping assist, and traffic sign recognition, all of which have been enhanced in terms of performance. 

The Honda Vezel has been available as a parallel import vehicle in Japan, China, and Singapore since its launch. In North America, Europe, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Brazil, it was sold as the HR-V.

Honda Vezel 1.5G (FM2021) FAQ(FAQ)

Honda Vezel 1.5G (FM2021) FAQ

How many seats does the Honda Vezel 1.5G (FM2021) have?

The Honda Vezel 1.5G (FM2021) has a five seating capacity.

How many cc/power does the Honda Vezel 1.5G (FM2021) have?

The Honda Vezel 1.5G (FM2021) has a 1,496 cc engine capacity and has a maximum output of 116 hp and 142 Nm of torque.

What is its fuel efficiency?

The Honda Vezel 1.5G (FM2021) has a fuel tank capacity of 40-litres and fuel consumption of 6.4-litre/100km with CVT transmission.

Where can I view the Honda Vezel 1.5G (FM2021)?

You can visit us at our showrooms or call us at 6473-1119 (24 Leng Kee) or Ubi-AML (6749-1119). Do call ahead to confirm viewing availability.



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Loan Period: 7
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