Honda Shuttle 1.5G

Unique and classy, the Honda Shuttle 1.5G returns with a sleek design –  ravishing front wing and winged grille that runs into the headlights. The latest trim highlights the LED light technology that makes driving in low visibility situations a lot safer.

Starting from:

$91,988.00 SGD

Price last updated: 13th September 2021 (1 week ago). Final selling price may differ due to COE premiums, varying specifications, fittings, options, financing or ownership schemes.

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Financing Details

From $762 per month (instalment)
$55,193 financing at 2.28% interest  for 7 years (change)

Road tax: $341 (6 months) $682 (12 months)

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Unique and classy, the Honda Shuttle 1.5G returns with a sleek design –  ravishing front wing and winged grille that runs into the headlights. The latest trim highlights the LED light technology that makes driving in low visibility situations a lot safer.

honda-shuttle-1-5g-led-fl2019The Honda Shuttle also delivers a finesse handling and performance with its DOHC Inline-4 engine, producing 127 HP and 153 Nm of torque power.

Showcasing the most updated safety features in the automotive industry, the Honda Shuttle 1.5G becomes one of the most practical cars in its class.

Special Features of the Honda Shuttle 1.5G

Deodorizing Filter

With the Honda Shuttle, you can eat inside your car without stressing about the smell of your food.

It has a High-Performance Deodorizing Filter that keeps the air inside clean and refined, and it instantly purifies unpleasant odours, giving you a new environment while traveling.

Collision Mitigation Brake 

Collision Mitigation Brake (CMBS) is a self-contained radar-based braking mechanism designed to prevent rear-end collisions with stationary vehicles travelling in the same direction.

When the device detects that the car is about to collide with something, it will deliver visual and auditory warnings to the driver. CMBS fastens the front seat occupants’ seatbelt when the collision is inevitable.

Lane-Keeping Support System 

If you drift out of your path, the Lane-Keeping Support System will assist you in going back to it. This feature depends on painted lane markings to operate.

You can drive at ease away from the collision with the technology engineered inside the Honda Shuttle like LKAS.

Eco Assist 

Allowing the driver to enhance driving habits that boost fuel efficiency, Honda’s Eco Assist technology is a short term for ‘Ecological Drive Assist System,’ which performs two primary functions.

An integrated feedback system will train drivers to drive more effectively and an ECON button that optimizes the vehicle’s operation in maximizing fuel efficiency. 

Interior of the Honda Shuttle 1.5G

Instrument Panel

honda-shuttle-1.5g-fl2019Showcasing the cutting-edge technology packed inside the vehicle, the Instrumental Panel garnished in dark blue places plenty of key information directly in front of the driver. 

It is an instrumentation package with a digital reading, including the Eco Assist, tachometer, and speedometer. 

High Deck Center Console 

honda-shuttle-1-5g-led-fl2019Bundled with a variety of intelligent equipment that enhances comfort and convenience for front-seat occupants, Honda Shuttle features a High Deck Center Console comfortably placed between the front seats.

This feature offers ample space for your personal items, such as two large cups, a tissue box, or whatever needs stowing.  

6:4 Split-folding Rear Seat 

honda-shuttle-1-5g-led-fl2019Honda rendered the Shuttle’s seat to provide a high degree of ease and comfort in daily use. A 6:4 split-flat-folding rear seat, sliding and reclining bench design with adjustable head restraints for each position.

Part of the seatback reclines individually in four different positions or folds flat for cargo handling. 

Accessory Socket inside the Front Console

Inside the front console, the pocket is an integrated accessory socket (DC 12V) or accessory power outlet that allows you to charge multiple USB-powered devices.

It includes charging your smartphones, MP3 players, portable battery packs, digital cameras, mini speakers, and other USB-powered gadgets.

Anti-glare Mirror

Automatically reducing the light glare from the vehicle behind you, the Anti-glare Mirrors installed in Honda Shuttle can be a great help, especially at night when a car comes with a bright headlight.

When charged by an electrical current, the electrochromic material changes the colour of the mirrors. These unique mirrors darken when an intense light source is detected.

Air Conditioner Outlet Knob in Chrome Plating

Crafted in chrome plating, Honda comes with an air conditioner outlet knob that gives the car a more aesthetically pleasing style while still doing its job to provide both the driver and passenger a fresher, convenient drive. 

Exterior of Honda Shuttle 1.5G  

Chrome-plated Rear Bumper 

honda-shuttle 1.5g-led-fl2019Accentuated with sharp lines with a modernized rear bumper, aesthetically speaking, the Honda Shuttle is top-tier.

Brushed up in chrome plating, it enhances the durability, stamina, and corrosion resistance of the rear bumper while also creating a glossy and flush coating that is quicker to clean.

LED Rear License Lamp

honda-shuttle-1-5g-led-fl2019The license plate is necessary for identification purposes; it must be readable even during the night.

Providing your car with a trendy and stylish appearance with enhanced safety at night, the Honda Shuttle comes deployed with an LED lamp that will perfectly illuminate your license plate. 

Intermittent Rear Wiper with Washer

honda-shuttle-1.5g-led-fl2019Equipped with a wiper and washer system, designed to optimize the driver’s visibility, especially during unpleasant weather, the Honda Shuttle has stock placed on the steering wheel’s right side to control it.

Most wipers have both low and high speed and intermittent configuration, but the wipers stop momentarily in the intermittent configuration during each wipe.

Rear Window Defogger

The Shuttle 1.5G  features a defogger at the rear window that clears the fog, frost, and thin ice from the glass. You can activate it by just simply pressing the defogger button.

The button indicator turns on to imply that the defogger is on. It also shuts when the ignition switch is turned off.

Front Window Washer

Assembled with the front window washer, the Honda Shuttle is your best company whether you are driving in good or bad weather conditions.

Removing the condensed water droplets from your window gives you a crystal clear view of the road. It also significantly lessens the chance of accidents and promotes road safety. 

Shark Fin Antenna

Delivering high efficiency in communication, navigation, and data transfer, the Honda Shuttle features a Shark Fin Antenna that showcases a visually appealing style and is exceptionally rugged.

Purposely built to withstand hazards that antennas encountered, such as tree branches, lousy weather, and carwashes. 

Honda Shuttle 1.5G Specifications


  • Instrument Panel Garnish
  • Door Lining Garnish
  • Inner Door Handle
  • Anti-glare Room Mirror
  • High Deck Centre Console (Drink holder and console box with armrest)
  • Front Console Pocket
  • Soft Pad Panel (Instrument panel)
  • Sun Visor with Vanity Mirror (driver’s seat/ passenger’s seat)
  • 6: 4 Split-Folding Rear Seat with a Reclining Mechanism
  • Chrome Plating – Air Conditioner Outlet Knob
  • Grab Rail (driver’s seat/ passenger’s seal/ rear left and right seat) & coat Hook (rear right seat)
  • LED Interior Lights
  • Seatback Pocket(Passenger seat)


  • Body-Colored Outer Door Handle
  • Chrome-Plated Rear Bumper Garnish
  • Large Tailgate Spoiler with Side Spoiler
  • LED Rear Combination Lamp
  • LED Rear License Lamp
  • Shark Fin Antenna
  • Vehicle Speed Interlocking I variable Intermittent Front Wiper (with mist function)
  • Front Window Washer
  • Intermittent Rear Wiper with Washer
  • Rear Window Defogger
  • Electric Retractable Remote Control Colored Door Mirror (with LED indicators)
  • Painted Side Sill Garnish

Safety Equipment

  • Honda SENSING
    • Collision Mitigation Brake (CMBS)
    • Erroneous start suppression function
    • Pedestrian accident reduction steering
    • Off-road departure suppression function
    • ACC (adaptive cruise control)
    • LKAS (lane-keeping support system)
    • Advance car departure notice function, sign recognition function
  • LED Headlight (inline type) (high/low beam, auto-leveling/ with auto light control mechanism)
  • LED Fog Light
  • Eco Assist (ECON mode, Coaching function)
  • i-SRS Airbag System for driver’s seat & passenger’s seat
  • Front Seat i-side airbag system + side curtain airbag system (front/ rear seat correspondence)
  • ABS with EBO (electronic control braking force distribution system)
  • Emergency Stop Signal
  • Hill-Start Assist Function
  • Pretensioner with front 3-point load limiter ELR seat belt
  • Front Adjustable Seat Belt Shoulder Anchor
  • Rear 3-point Type with Load Limiter ELR seat belt (left and right seats)
  • Rear 3-point ELR Seat Belt (center seat)
  • i-Size Child Seat Correspondence ISOFIX Lower Anchorage (rear left and right seat)+ top tether anchorage (rear right and left seats)
  • Idling Stop System
  • Immobilizer
  • Security Alarm


  • Honda Smart Key System & Power Switch 
  • NAVI S-Package
  • Tachometer
  • One-Touch Turn Signal
  • Headlight Auto-off Function
  • Accessory Socket (DC 12V) (inside front console pocket)
  • Telescopic & Tilt Steering Column
  • Driver’s Side One-Touch Power Window
  • Rear Heater Duct
  • High-Performance Deodorizing Filter
  • Power Door Lock
  • Multi-information Display
  • Illumination Control Switch
  • Driver’s Seat Height Adjuster

Technical Data of the Honda Shuttle 1.5G

Engine DOHC Inline-4
Max Output 95 kW (127 hp) / 6,600rpm
Max Torque 153 Nm / 4,600 rpm
Engine Capacity 1,496 cc
Acceleration  TBA (0-100km/h)
Top Speed  TBA km/h
Transmission CVT
Dimensions (L x W x H) 4,400 mm x 1,695 mm x 1,545 mm
Fuel Consumption  5.1L / 100km
VES Band  A2



variants of Honda Shuttle 1.5G

Shuttle 1.5G (FL2019)

Engine: 1,496 cc DOHC Inline-4
Performance: 127hp, 153 Nm

  • LED headlight (inline type) (high/ low beam, auto leveling/ with auto light control mechanism)
  • LED Fog light
  • Front seat i-side air bag system + side curtain airbag system <front/ rear seat correspondence>
  • Honda smart key system & power switch
  • NAVI S-Package

Engine: 1,496 cc DOHC Inline-4
Performance: 127hp, 153 Nm

  • LED headlight (inline type) (high/ low beam, auto leveling/ with auto light control mechanism)
  • LED Fog light
  • Front seat i-side air bag system + side curtain airbag system <front/ rear seat correspondence>
  • Radio wave keyless entry system (with integrated key)

Engine: 1,496 cc DOHC Inline-4
Performance: 127hp, 153 Nm

History of Honda Shuttle 1.5G

A subcompact station wagon, Fit Shuttle adapted from Fit is commonly available in Japan’s domestic showroom. The Shuttle is also a descendant of the Fit wagon model sold as the Airwave.

The inauguration of the first-generation model was pushed back in June 2011 due to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan on the 11th of March 2011. From Honda’s Sayama plant in Saitama Prefecture, the production was relocated to the Suzuka plant in Mie Prefecture due to this catastrophic event. Earlier in May 2011, the production started, and the model was shortlisted for the Car of the Year Japan 2012.

Still similarly adapted with the Fit, the second-generation model was renamed as the Honda Shuttle. Honda had started trading the all-new Shuttle at Japanese dealerships with its compact wagon starting in 1,990,000 yen. 

Featuring a 1.5-litre direct-injection DOHC i-VTEC gasoline engine mated to a CVT or a hybrid version equipped with the Sport Hybrid i-DCD system, the Honda Shuttle is available with a 132 PS (130 hp; 97 kW). Honda claimed that the Shuttle Hybrid averages 34 km/l (2.9 litres per 100 kilometres; 80 miles per US gallon) as measured in the JC08 mode.

In mid-2019, it received a facelift showcasing freshly revamped bumpers and redesigned rear tail lamps that lengthen towards the centre of the tailgate. 

Providing deluxe seats for five people and a luggage capacity of 570 litres (20.1cu-ft), the Honda Shuttle is roomier than ever. The wagon also offers a flat floor and a large back door with a low ground height that makes it easier for Honda to load and unload baggage.

The Honda Shuttle is also available in different variants such as G, Hybrid, Hybrid X, and Hybrid Z. The boot compartment is one of the best features of the Honda Shuttle. It can hold a capacity of 540L. In addition, there is a total of 50 litres of space underneath the floor on the left which makes it 570L in total. 

Honda Shuttle 1.5G FAQ(FAQ)

Honda Shuttle 1.5G FAQ

How many seats does the Honda Shuttle 1.5G have?

The Honda Shuttle 1.5G has 4 seating capacity.

How many cc/power does the Honda Shuttle 1.5G have?

The Honda Shuttle 1.5G has 1,496 cc and has a maximum output of 127 horsepower and 153Nm of torque. 

What is its fuel efficiency?

The Honda Shuttle 1.5G has a fuel tank capacity of 40 litres and a fuel consumption of 5.1L / 100km with a CVT transmission.

What colours is the Honda Shuttle 1.5G available in?

The Honda Shuttle 1.5G is available in Platinum White Pearl, Premium Velvet Purple Pearl, Midnight Blue Beam Metallic, Premium Crystal Red Metallic, Luna Silver metallic, Shining Grey Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl, and British Green Pearl.

Where can I view the Honda Shuttle 1.5G?

You can visit us at our showrooms or call us at 6473-1119 (24 Leng Kee) or Ubi-AML (6749-1119). Do call ahead to confirm viewing availability.



Honda Shuttle 1.5G Finance Calculator

Vehicle Price
$ 91,988.00

Loan Percentage: 60% (default)
Loan Amount: 0.00

Down-Payment Amount:
Down-Payment Amount: 36,795.20

Interest Rate: 2.28% (default)

Loan Period: 7
Estimated Monthly Instalments: 0 *

*Final instalment amount may differ. Please use as guide only. Final instalment amount subject to changes, terms and conditions and financing approval.

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