Ferrari F8 Spider

Thanks to its staggering V8 32-valve twin-turbocharged engine and undeniable supercar presence, it is a mesmerising piece of engineering with incredibly clever traction and stability systems as well as unprecedented acceleration and handling.

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Taking centre stage yet again, get behind the wheels of the all-new Ferrari F8 Spider complete with the Prancing Horse’s key characteristics of high-performance and extreme aerodynamic efficiency. Thanks to its staggering V8 32-valve twin-turbocharged engine and undeniable supercar presence, it is a mesmerising piece of engineering with incredibly clever traction and stability systems as well as unprecedented acceleration and handling.

Propelling this luxury sports car is a powerful V8 32-valve twin-turbocharged engine that delivers up to 720 horsepower and 770 Nm of maximum torque. With the help of a 7-speed dual-clutch F1 gearbox, it accelerates from a standstill to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds and reaches a top speed of 340 km/h.

The all-new Ferrari F8 Spider raises the performance bar to unprecedented heights with incredible traction and stability systems that exemplify the supercar formula.

Special Features of the Ferrari F8 Spider

Full Electric Seats

Experience maximum relaxation with the full electric seats on the all-new Ferrari F8. These comfortable seats ensure a high level of comfort as it supports you when cornering at speeds.

Sports Exhaust Pipes

Delivering a unique and dedicated sound for this supercar, the sports exhaust pipes’ layout has been completely modified. It now delivers an unmistakable note, improved both in terms of intensity and sound quality.

Scuderia Ferrari Shields

Indicating that a certain vehicle participated in a racing series, the prominent Scuderia Ferrari shields lend the F8 Spider a striking and undeniable presence even at a standstill.

These shields are an accessory feature that emphasises an absolute masterpiece of Ferrari.

Engine Cover

One of the distinctive characteristics of the F8 Spider is its unique engine cover. It features a manta-like look that is created by a central spine, starting from the rear screen and disappearing under the blown spoiler’s wing.

The emerging two wings from the central volume harmoniously lend a sense of visual continuity from all angles.

Forged Wheels

This new supercar features forged wheels in GR. Corso Diamond finish uses highly advanced forging technology, offering maximum lightness and reducing the overall weight of the vehicle.

It maximises the characteristics of the vehicle, exuding the sporty and dynamic look even at a standstill.

Interior of the Ferrari F8 Spider

Sporty Interior Cabin

The Ferrari F8 Spider exhibits a driver-focused aura that fosters a symbiotic relationship between the driver and the car. Its full-electric seats are complemented by an aluminium dashboard panel that imparts a sense of lightness.

Horse Stitched on Headrest

Sitting on the headrests of this supercar’s seats, the horse-stitched emblem exudes maximum elegance that complements the overall look of the cabin. It comes in Rosso Red finish, matching the exterior colour of the F8 Spider.

Striking Dash

Featuring an aluminium sail panel that supports the central satellite, the F8 Spider’s dash exudes a sense of visual lightness. It comes with carbon fibre inserts that divide the upper and lower parts, streamlining the whole look. 

Rev Counter

The Ferrari F8 Spider comes with a red rev counter that displays the engine’s speed. Drivers can use a rev counter to measure their speed as well as the engine’s revolutions per minute (RPM).

Anti Theft System

The Anti-theft System works with the help of sensors installed in and around the vehicle.

When an impact or movement is detected, it activates the sensors that trigger the alarm system and sounds the alarm. These sensors will then go off and alert the owner.

Exterior of the Ferrari F8 Spider

Unrelenting Perfection

The Ferrari F8 Spider features sporty advanced aerodynamics in carbon fibre trim embarked on the F8 Tributo, giving it a distinctive personality and striking appearance.

It sports a full set of forged wheels in Corsa Diamond finish with Yellow brake callipers, completing its already dynamic and athletic profile.


Highlighting the extensive aerodynamic modifications, the headlights on this supercar are powered by LED technology that gives off a bright light, illuminating the road ahead.

It is compact and horizontally integrated to exude sportiness even at a standstill.

Side Air Intakes

Distinguishing itself from the F8 Tributo, this two-seater Berlinetta features carbon fibre side air intakes that are tilted toward the rear.

It uses the flat undertray to channel the hot air and minimise the thermal interaction with the flows inside the wheel arch.

Front Air Intakes

A close synergy with the Ferrari Styling Centre, the front air intakes are finished in carbon fibre trim that flawlessly lends the F8 Spider a dynamic and sporty look.

These air intakes aim to improve airflow throughout the entire wheel arch.

Rear Parking Camera

A unique kind of camera fitted to the back of the Ferrari F8 Spider is called a rear parking camera.

When backing, it helps to see the space behind your vehicle, allowing you to have a better view of what’s going on behind your car when manoeuvring.

Ferrari F8 Spider Specifications



  • External Colours – Rosso Corsa DS 322
  • Scuderia Ferrari Shields
  • Sports Exhaust Pipes
  • Carbon Fibre Rear Boot Trim – Carbon Fibre
  • Carbon Fibre Side Air Splitter – Carbon Fibre
  • Bonnet Upper Insert Black Matt


  • Yellow Brake Calipers
  • Forged Wheels GR. Corsa Diamond


  • Internal Colours – Crema 3997
  • Carpet Colours – Crema 3997
  • Full Electric Seats
  • Coloured Mats with Logo
  • Horse Stitched on Headrest – Rosso (Red) 0504
  • Coloured Special Stitching – Filo Special Rosso 0504
  • Red Rev. Counter
  • Red Ring on Dashboard Vents
  • Carbon Fibre Driver Zone + LEDS – Carbon Fibre
  • Carbon Fibre Dashboard Inserts – Carbon Fibre
  • Carbon Fibre Central Bridge – Carbon Fibre

Safety & Comfort

  • Rear Parking Camera
  • Front Parking Sensors
  • Premium HIFI System
  • 1 Year Subscription Anti Theft SVR

Technical Data of the Ferrari F8 Spider

Engine  V8 32-Valve Twin-Turbocharged
Engine Capacity 3,902 cc
Max Output 720 hp (530kW) / 7,000 rpm
Max Torque 770 Nm / 3,250 rpm
Acceleration 2.9 s (0-100km/h)
Top Speed 340 km/h
Transmission 7-Speed Dual Clutch F1 Gearbox
Dimensions (L x W x H) 4,719mm x 1,972mm x 1,183mm
Fuel Tank capacity 78L
VES Band

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“This is a scintillating, exciting car and the extra tuning the engineers seem to have put into the steering and suspension makes the F8 feel more harmonious…” 

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“…the F8 Spider is still a tremendous supercar, and having the wind in your hair makes the experience even more special.”

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History of Ferrari F8 Spider

The mid-engine sports car Ferrari F8 (Type F142MFL) is built by the Italian automaker Ferrari. With exterior and performance upgrades, the supercar is the Ferrari 488’s replacement. The 2019 Geneva Motor Show is where it was introduced.

As with its predecessors, the F8 Spider is an open-top version of the F8 Tributo. The top operates in 14 seconds and has a top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph). In order to enhance airflow to the engine, the F8 Spider’s huge air intakes on its rear haunches were shifted rearward in comparison to those in the 488 Spider.

The Spider and Tributo both have the same drivetrain. The engine weighs roughly 18 kg (40 lb) less than the engine in the 488 Spider because it has a lighter crankshaft, flywheel, and connecting rods. It can go from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 2.9 seconds and from 0 to 200 km/h (124 mph) in 8.2 seconds, according to performance statistics. 

The top speed remains the same as the coupé at 340 km/h. It weighs 1,400 kg with 200 litres of luggage space that can fit in the boot.

The United Kingdom and Germany were the largest markets followed by Europe in 2021. Approximately half as many Ferrari luxury vehicles were imported to Germany as were sold domestically, at 668 units.    Ferrari F8 Spider FAQ(FAQ)

Ferrari F8 Spider FAQ

How many seats does the Ferrari F8 Spider have?

The Ferrari F8 Spider has a two seating capacity.

How many cc/power does the Ferrari F8 Spider have?

The Ferrari F8 Spider has a 3,902 cc engine capacity and has a maximum output of 720 hp and 770 Nm of torque.

What is the top speed of the Ferrari F8 Spider?

Ferrari F8 Spider has an acceleration of 0 to 100km/h in 2.9 seconds and can reach the top speed of 340 km/h.

What is its fuel efficiency?

The Ferrari F8 Spider has a fuel tank capacity of 78 litres and fuel consumption of 19 MPG with a 7-Speed Dual Clutch F1 Gearbox transmission.

Where can I view the Ferrari F8 Spider?

You can visit us at our showrooms or call us at 6473-1119* (24 Leng Kee) or Ubi-AML (6749-1119). Do call ahead to confirm viewing availability.



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Vehicle Price
$ 1,424,988.00

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Down-Payment Amount:
Down-Payment Amount: 569,995.20

Interest Rate: 2.48% (default)

Loan Period: 7
Estimated Monthly Instalments: 0 *

*Final instalment amount may differ. Please use as guide only. Final instalment amount subject to changes, terms and conditions and financing approval.

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