Honda Freed 1.5G Hybrid Sensing (FL2020)

The Honda Freed 1.5G Hybrid Sensing (FL2020) arrives with a sportier stance and exquisite cabin space, packed with exclusive features. It advances with the latest i-VTEC technology, which significantly reduces fuel consumption and improves overall fuel economy.

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$178,988.00 SGD

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Road tax: $341 (6 months) $682 (12 months)

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Arriving with the latest i-VTEC technology, the new Honda Freed 1.5G Hybrid Sensing (FL2020) showcases sportier stance, exquisite cabin space, and technology-packed interior.

2020 Honda Freed 1.5G Hybrid Sensing (FL2020) - Side ProfileThis latest model from the second-generation class boasts of its DOHC i-VTEC In-line 4-cylinder engine, producing 108 PS and 134 Nm of maximum torque with 1496 cc engine capacity. It exhibits exclusive features such as the Honda Sensing, Honda Smart Key System, and Power Sliding-doors.

This facelifted model levels up the standard of an everyday utility car as it improves stability and quality ride with its fully-engineered features.

Special Features of the Honda Freed 1.5G Hybrid Sensing (FL2020)


An exclusive technology developed by Honda comprising nine safety features that aim to have a collision-free road between motorcycle riders and automobile occupants.

The Honda SENSING safety features includes Collision mitigation brake (CMBS), Adaptive cruise control (ACC), and Lane-keeping support system (LKAS).

Power Sliding Doors

2020 Honda Freed 1.5G Hybrid Sensing (FL2020) - ControlsFeaturing power sliding doors operated by an open door handle and a touch sensor on both sides, this makes moving in and out of the vehicle to be convenient and safe for every passenger.

The sliding door works on both sides of the car, meaning you can open and close the door from a driver’s seat as well as outside of the vehicle.

It also features a pinch prevention mechanism designed to prevent any foreign objects from being pinched between the moving slide door and the rear edge portion of the side opening.

Smart Key System

2020 Honda Freed 1.5G Hybrid Sensing (FL2020) - Power ButtonThe Smart Entry System is a newer technology feature that makes it possible to lock and unlock your vehicle without using a key or a key fob.

This feature is your extra hand for those times when you are carrying a handful items and works instantly as long as it is within 32 inches of the vehicle.

Multi-Information Display

2020 Honda Freed 1.5G Hybrid Sensing (FL2020) - InfotainmentA multi-information display is a brand new feature incorporated on the Honda Freed that is positioned in the center of the driver’s line and sits right on the instrument panel.

With the steering wheel’s command buttons, drivers can quickly cycle through different necessary information, such as average fuel economy, range, elapsed time, average speed, vehicle settings, and even engine oil life.

Electric Power Steering

2020 Honda Freed 1.5G Hybrid Sensing (FL2020) - Steering WheelThis convenient feature aims to provide a much safer ride wherever you go as it comes with a sensor that detects the core’s movement and direction rate.

It helps to maneuver through rough roads, rocks, washes, and trails a lot easier and avoids turning an unnecessary skid by adding resistance to the steering wheel. 

Interior of the Honda Freed 1.5G Hybrid Sensing (FL2020)

Flip-up and Tumble Seats

2020 Honda Freed 1.5G Hybrid Sensing (FL2020) - Rear SeatWith three rows of seating, the newly facelifted Honda Freed provides an ample and lavish saloon space as it holds the largest cabin in the compact minivan segment that offers seven seats as standard.

It comes with a 60:40 split tumble seat with a center armrest and the third row of 50:50 flip-up seats that can be configured in many ways, making way for both bulky luggage and passenger seating.

Woodgrain Instrument Cluster

2020 Honda Freed 1.5G Hybrid Sensing (FL2020) - Interior DashboardHonda has opted for a full-digital instrument cluster, a touch screen entertainment system, a column-mounted gear lever, and an optional wood-grain finish for the dashboard. 

As the instrument panel shifts to being entirely digital, it is partnered with a woodgrain (walnut) finish in the dashboard. 

Anti-glare Rearview Mirror

This anti-glare rearview mirror is also called the automatic-dimming rearview mirror that has already become a norm in Honda models.

A feature incorporated with sensors that check the light level as it hits the mirror, and when it’s enough to cause glare, this feature applies necessary dimming.

Power Window

2020 Honda Freed 1.5G Hybrid Sensing (FL2020) - Front DoorProviding safety and convenience especially for drivers who have children in their passenger seats, the new Honda Freed features power windows with Metallic painted switch panel.

This feature is operated only when the ignition is on, and all windows can only be controlled on the driver’s side, providing a practical safety measure for all passengers on board.

Exterior of the Honda Freed 1.5G Hybrid Sensing (FL2020) 

Steel Wheel with Wheel Cap

2020 Honda Freed 1.5G Hybrid Sensing (FL2020) - WheelsAdding style into the already modern-look, the newly facelifted Honda Freed is deployed with a 15-inch steel wheel. that includes a full wheel cap covering the central part of the wheel, which extends towards the lug nuts and bolts.

It also serves as smart protection from rusting and damage of the bearings from its random impact with road debris and exposure on the road.

Remote-controlled Door Mirror

Easy and convenient, this feature allows the folding and unfolding of the side mirror using a remote control switch when the ignition is ON.

To optimize the driver’s view of the road from the side and behind the vehicle, options such as adjusting and tilting are available for the side mirrors and includes LED turn signal for added convenience. 

Front Ventilated Disc Brakes

Designed to help maximize brake performance for a safer driving experience and better driver confidence, the disc brakes dissipate the heat during a brake.

It further improved by ventilating through radial fins cast into the disc between the outer and inner surfaces. Acting somewhat like a turbine, the air is forced through the disc as it spins and dispatching the heat.

Intermittent Front Wiper

Improves driving comfort in any weather conditions, the front wiper features a vehicle-speed dependent variable intermittent system.

Along with the equipped high-torque wiper motor to improve kinetic performance, it also comprises different speed level options of the wiper according to what is needed without really distracting the driver.

The feature is also partnered with a mist function designed to quickly wipe away raindrops at high speed when it is ON.

Honda Freed 1.5G Hybrid Sensing (FL2020) Specifications


  • Second-row 6:4-split tumble seat (with centre armrest)
  • Third row 5: 5 split flip-up seats
  • Dedicated hybrid select lever
  • Woodgrain instrument panel middle area – Walnut
  • Sun visor for driver and front passenger with vanity mirror
  • Metallic painted power window switch panel (front)
  • Silver painted air conditioner outlet knob
  • Grab rail Passenger seat – second and third row left and right
  • Anti-glare rearview mirror
  • Instrument panel upper box (driver’s side)
  • Instrument panel tray (passenger side)


  • LED rear combination lamps (stop lamp and tail lamp)
  • Electric retractable remote control door mirror (with LED turn signal)
  • HYBRID emblem
  • Front wiper (with mist mechanism) Interlocking with vehicle speed / variable intermittent
  • Exterior door handle – Body-coloured
  • Rear license garnish – Chrome-plated
  • 15-inch steel wheel + full wheel cap

Safety Equipment

  • Honda SENSING (Collision mitigation brake <CMBS>, improper start suppression function, pedestrian accident reduction steering, the preceding vehicle start notification function, sign recognition function, road departure suppression function, ACC <adaptive cruise control>, LKAS <lane keeping support system >, the rear improper start suppression function)
  • LED headlight (low beam, auto-leveling / (With auto light control mechanism) + LED active cornering light
  • Eco assist (ECON mode, coaching function)
  • i-SRS airbag system and passenger-side i-SRS airbag systems for the driver’s seat
  • EBD ABS with electronic brake-force distribution (system)
  • LED high-mount stop lamp
  • Emergency stop signal
  • Hill-start assist function
  • i-Size child seat corresponding ISOFIX lower Anchorage (the second row left and right seat) + top tether Anchorage (the second row left and right seat)


  • Power sliding doors on both sides (easy-open door Handle / Touch sensor /
  • With pinch prevention mechanism)
  • Full-auto air conditioner
  • Sliding door / easy closer (both rear sides)
  • Honda Smart Key System & power switch
  • Telescopic & tilt steering
  • Multi-Information Display
  • One-touch turn signal
  • Electric power steering

Driving Dynamics

  • 15” steel wheel, steel radial tyre + full wheel cap
  • Electric servo brake system
  • Front ventilated disc brakes

Technical Data of the Honda Freed 1.5G Hybrid Sensing (FL2020)

Engine DOHC i-VTEC In-line 4-cylinder
Engine Capacity 1,496 cc
Max Output 81 kW (108 PS) / 6,000 rpm
Max Torque 134 Nm / 5,000 rpm
Max Output (electric) 22 kW (29 hp) / 1,313 – 2,000 rpm
Max Torque (electric) 160 Nm / 0 – 1,313 rpm
Transmission 7-speed automatic
Dimensions (L x W x H) 4,265 mm x 1,695 mm x 1,710 mm
Fuel Consumption  4.8L / 100km

History of Honda Freed 1.5G Hybrid Sensing (FL2020)

The Honda Freed, first produced in Japan in 2008, arrived with an innovative concept. Replacing the first-generation Mobilio in Japan, the Honda Freed is a mini MPV based on the Fit/Jazz segment. It was initially designed for Japanese consumers’ needs, but it was later distinguished and shipped out internationally. It is most famous in the neighboring Southeast Asian countries. 

In that same year, the first-generation Honda Freed was introduced and was made available in three different versions. Early on, it already has that side lift-up seat and passenger lift-up seat to give a more cargo volume option. It also features a low-floor and low-center-of-gravity technology that makes it attractive to all ages and styles with its modern exterior styling, spacious interior, and driving dynamics.

The Honda Freed was slightly modified in terms of engine and seating availability in various Southeast Asian markets, such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Singapore, where it was made available. The Indonesian market was offered with a 7-seating variant and a 5-speed automatic transmission instead of CVT in Japan.

There were several trim levels (A, S, E, E-Sport, and E-Sport NAVI) to choose from, and it perfectly catered to a broad audience preference. In 2010, the Honda Freed Spike version was produced exclusively for the Japanese market, as it is a compact multi-wagon for a lifestyle that is on-the-go. Later in 2011, Freed’s facelifted version was introduced and made a big hit in the Japanese market.

The second-generation of the Honda Freed was unveiled in June 2016 and was later released in September 2016. The idea of dynamism and functionality came into life in this latest generation. It’s remarkably curvier than its predecessor and now has an updated grille and lights. It still has the sliding door feature but only with a few minor improvements.

In 2019, the facelifted version of the second-generation Honda Freed was released. Brand new and well re-invented, the facelifted Honda Freed arrives with a more powerful engine, premium technology, and even more stylish. It’s more robust and more efficient with its Honda Sensing Technology, propelled by the DOHC i-VTEC In-line 4-cylinder engine, and has a 1496 cc engine capacity, partnered with the i-VTEC technology.

Best known for its convenient Smart Key system, comfortable driving experience, a wide range of cargo arrangements, and a top-level fuel economy, one can never go wrong with the Honda Freed 1.5G Hybrid Sensing. Meanwhile, Japan and Indonesia hold the largest market for Honda Freed.

Honda Freed 1.5G Hybrid Sensing (FL2020) - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Honda Freed 1.5G Hybrid Sensing (FL2020) FAQ 

How many seats does the Honda Freed 1.5G Hybrid Sensing (FL2020) have?

The Honda Freed 1.5G Hybrid Sensing (FL2020) has a maximum of 7 seats.

How many cc/power is the Honda Freed 1.5G Hybrid Sensing (FL2020)?

The Honda Freed 1.5G Hybrid Sensing (FL2020) is engaged with 1,496cc, powered by a DOHC i-VTEC In-line 4-cylinder, producing 81 kW power and 134 Nm torque.

What is its fuel efficiency?

The Honda Freed 1.5G Hybrid Sensing (FL2020) has a fuel consumption of 4.8L/100km with 7-speed automatic transmission.

What colours is the Honda Freed 1.5G Hybrid Sensing (FL2020) available?

The Honda Freed 1.5G Hybrid Sensing (FL2020) is available in Seagrass Blue Pearl, Silver Mist Green Metallic, Luna Silver metallic and can be optioned with Midnight Blue Beam Metallic, Premium Crystal Red Metallic, Super Platinum Grey Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl, Platinum White Pearl, and Premium Crystal Orange Metallic II.

Where can I view the Honda Freed 1.5G Hybrid Sensing (FL2020)?

You can visit us at our showrooms or call us at 6473-1119 (24 Leng Kee) or 6749-1119 (Ubi-AML). Do call ahead to confirm viewing availability.



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