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Discover the latest 2021 / 2022 Porsche Cayenne Singapore Models.

Our Porsche Cayenne Singapore Parallel Imported (PI) model collection consists of brand new arrivals that are now available in Singapore – VAC-Ready.

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Model Variants

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$491,988.00 SGD


Porsche Cayenne Coupe - Side Profile
The new Porsche Cayenne Coupe

The all-new Porsche Cayenne offers an SUV layout that is a sports car by nature. This third-generation Cayenne features a new chassis, competent powertrain, and an upgraded interior.

Depending on the variant, this mid-size luxury crossover features a V6 turbocharged engine and a V6 twin-turbo engine, which kicks out a powerful 440 HP and 550 Nm torque.

It also boasts a spacious interior layout, highlighting a roster of tech and comfort features, such as the high-resolution screen displays, 14-way electric comfort seats, and BOSE surround system.

With its natural athleticism and excellent handling characteristics, the Porsche Cayenne is sure to live up to the German automaker’s eminent DNA.

Porsche Cayenne Special Features

8-speed Tiptronic S

Porsche Cayenne S Coupe - Center ConsoleImmediately change gears to adapt your driving style with the latest 8-speed Tiptronic S transmission with a wide-ratio spread.

One of its highlights is to decrease fuel consumption while delivering improved comfort and dynamic agility.

While its gear shifting system features a design that further accelerates direct throttle response and high consistent torque.

Tinted LED Main Headlights with PDLS Plus

Porsche Cayenne Coupe - HeadlampEnsure driving safely with Porsche’s latest light technology that extends your field of view, especially during nighttime.

Its Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus (PLDSP) adjusts light intensity and range depending on the surroundings. 

While the tinted feature of the main headlights reduces the amount of light projected to avoid dazzling other drivers.

Powerful Set of Wheels

Porsche Cayenne Coupe - Wheels Scoring a solid impression and dynamic performance wherever it goes, the sporty Cayenne never fails to carry the Porsche DNA with a unique set of wheels.

It comes available in 20-inch Cayenne Design wheels, 21-inch RS Spyder Design wheels with wheel arch extensions in exterior colour, and 22-inch 911 Turbo Design wheel with wheel arch extensions in exterior colour.

Porsche Communication Management (PCM)

Porsche Cayenne Coupe - ScreenGet the best time behind the wheel with the PCM system, which brings you various technological features that upgrade fun and entertainment while you’re on the road.

It comes with a high-resolution touch-display integrated with Navigation via Apple Carplay, allowing you to make a phone call, send messages, stream music, get vehicle diagnostics, and access smartphone apps.

Porsche Entry & Drive

Enter inside the SUV without ever taking out your keys and immediately activate your engine with just a single press of a button with Porsche’s new entry & drive feature.

It comes with a system that reads the encrypted code to unlock the doors and luggage compartment lid.

ParkAssist with Surround View

Park like a pro and prevent unnecessary manoeuvring accidents with the ParkAssist feature, which offers audible alerts and a visual warning on the central display.

It also includes a 360° surround-view provided by four high-resolution cameras to make it easier to manoeuvre.

Porsche Cayenne Interior

Comfort Seats in Front (14-way, electric)

Porsche Cayenne Coupe - Driver SeatExperience driving comfort to a whole new level with the comfort memory package, which provides fore-and-aft, height and squab, and backrest angle setting.

Such comfort seat configurations offer generous seating comfort for both seats in the front and store individual sitting configuration and steering wheels and mirror preferences.

Central Analogue Rev Counter

The all-digital instrument cluster features a striking central analogue rev counter with a black dial. It is the heart of the interior, both visually and technically, as it displays essential vehicle information.

On each side, it has two high-resolution displays that indicate the speed, oil pressure and temperature, fuel level and battery voltage, and navigation maps.

BOSE Surround Sound-System

With the BOSE Surround Sound System, audio quality and compressed format dynamics are even better.

Integrated 14 speakers and amplifier channels maintain the balance and perfectly produced acoustic scale throughout the cabin. It also includes a separate subwoofer with a total output of 710 watts.

Ambient Lighting

Accentuating the cabin interior with precisely targeted lighting accents, colour your ride with the Porsche Adjustable Coloured Ambient Lighting. You can choose from a variety of colours that will perfectly suit your mood.

Besides creating a visually appealing ambience in your car, Ambient Lighting enhances space perception, making the vehicle look more prominent during the night.

Instrument Cluster

Enter inside the Porsche Cayenne, and you will be welcomed with various cutting-edge technologies, starting with the instrument cluster in two high-resolution displays that sit behind the multifunction sports steering wheel.

It is an instrumentation package with a digital reading, including the speedometer, which keeps you updated on the latest driving details as you drive.

Porsche Crest on Headrests

The Cayenne interior is an undeniable combination of luxury and sportiness, mainly because of the leather seat upholstery and integrated Porsche crest on its headrests.

The crests exude a powerful and elegant statement that sits just right behind your head. 

Exterior of the Porsche Cayenne

Sports Tailpipes in Black

Porsche Cayenne Coupe - Rear DirectThe distinct Porsche DNA continues at the rear profile, with the sports tailpipe feature finished in black.

It completes the motorsport-like persona of the Cayenne with its powerful acoustic and unique aesthetics that perfectly match the exterior colour.

Powered Tailgate

Porsche Cayenne S - TrunkYou can just put anything inside Cayenne’s large luggage compartment. One of the conveniences it brings is the powered tailgate feature.

This automatic liftgate opens and closes at the single push of a button with an individually adjustable opening height as standard.

Soft-close Doors

Prevent your Cayenne doors from early wearing with the soft-close doors feature while also preventing unwanted accidents when closing doors, especially around children.

A standard in the Cayenne lineup, this latest feature has a closing mechanism integrated into each door lock, ensuring comfortable and safe closing of all four doors.

High-gloss Black Roof Rails

You don’t need to worry about space when carrying extra pieces of luggage, courtesy of the integral roof rails painted in high-gloss black.

Crafted with high standard material, you can ensure that heavy and bulky items will be carried safely to your destination.

Panoramic Roof System

Featuring two wide glass panels and a decent square meter in size, the Cayenne’s panoramic roof system offers a glorious skyward view that you can enjoy even if it is closed.

The front portion is available in a slide-open function to enjoy the view on top and a roll-up blind to shield you from strong sunlight. 

Auto-dimming Exterior and Rearview Mirrors

Drive comfortably with the auto-dimming exterior mirrors, as they come with new technology that automatically reduces light glare from vehicles behind you.

It also features an auto-dimming rearview mirror, which immediately darkens when hit with an intense light source. Such unique mirrors offer basic safety, especially at night. 

Porsche Cayenne Specifications


  • Ambient lighting
  • Comfort seats in front (14-way, electric) with memory package
  • Porsche Crest on headrest front seats
  • BOSE Surround Sound-System
  • Porsche Communication Management (PCM), Navigation via Apple Carplay
  • Driver Memory Package
  • Seat Heating (front and rear)
  • Electric roll-up sunblinds for rear side windows
  • Keyless engine start
  • Instrument cluster with two high-resolution displays
  • Central analogue rev counter with black dial


  • Panoramic roof system
  • 20-inch Cayenne Design wheels/21-inch RS Spyder Design wheels with wheel arch extensions in exterior colour/22-inch 911 Turbo Design wheel with wheel arch extensions in exterior colour
  • Soft-close doors
  • Tinted LED Main Headlights including Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus (PDLS Plus)
  • Automatically dimming exterior and interior mirrors
  • Roof rails painted in black (high-gloss)
  • Sports tailpipes in black
  • Powered tailgate


  • ParkAssist incl. Surround View
  • Porsche Entry & Drive
  • Vehicle stability Porsche Stability Management (PSM) iincluding ABS, ASR, ABD, MSR and Trailer Stability Management

Driving Dynamics

  • 8-speed Tiptronic S

Porsche Cayenne Reviews

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“The Cayenne remains the king of driver-friendly SUVs. A very complete machine.”

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“...2019 Cayenne is how it in no way feels like a compromise. You get the same levels of luxury and onboard tech as any other Cayenne, and even in its least-powerful guise, this SUV really scoots.”

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Video Features

Porsche Cayenne S - VINCAR

2020 Porsche Cayenne S Coupe - VINCAR

Porsche Cayenne Ownership Warranty

Get a 5-Year / 100,000km Warranty – whichever comes first, for all Porsche Cayenne Models sold by VINCAR. Insurance can be upgraded to a full 10-year warranty.

In addition, our in-house service centre is fully furnished with the latest diagnostic tools to ensure speedy repairs and regular servicing intervals.

Customize your next Porsche Cayenne with VINCAR Bespoke

Get your new Porsche Cayenne the way you like it.

Spec your next new car with specific colour choices, upholstery, and fittings with our Bespoke services.

You can also request to install lifestyle-enhancing accessories such as premium sound systems, solar window film, in-car cameras, reverse cameras, and more.

Financing for your Porsche Cayenne

Get competitive and flexible financing rates with our in-house financing team. We can provide competitive, affordable monthly instalments for a hassle-free and enjoyable ownership experience.

If you have issues obtaining financing approvals from banks or financial institutions, we can help. Learn more about our financing plans and options.

Porsche Cayenne Insurance 

We work with the most established car insurance companies in Singapore, such as NTUC, AIG, AXA, etc., and our team can craft a suitable, comprehensive car insurance plan and quotation to ensure your needs are well met.

We welcome you to come to visit us at our showrooms or call us at 6473-1119 (24 Leng Kee) / 6749-1119 (Ubi – Automobile Megamart) to discover more about our wide array of tailored services.

Lease your Porsche Cayenne

Lease your Porsche Cayenne with us for the ultimate hassle-free ownership experience. A full lease covers your Porsche Cayenne’s annual road tax, insurance, and GST together in an all-inclusive, affordable fixed monthly payment plan. Learn more about our car leasing plans today.

Porsche Cayenne Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions and answers regarding purchasing a new Porsche Cayenne from us.

What is VAC-Ready?

VAC stands for ‘Vitas Approval Code.’ It is a document issued by the Land Transport Authority that certifies that a car has passed all regulatory tests, inspections and is ready for registration to be used on Singapore’s roads. In the Parallel Importer industry, this code gives peace of mind to buyers as it ensures that the exact vehicle that buyers are purchasing has already undergone testing for approval.

This also means that the vehicle is physically available and ready in Singapore for delivery. All that’s left is to register the COE, and it can be immediately used on the roads.

When you purchase from any parallel importer in Singapore, it’s important you check that they have VAC-Ready stock, so it cuts down on any waiting time or uncertainty.

Some parallel importers in the past, unfortunately, have been unable to deliver vehicles, or in worst-case scenarios, shut down and walked away with customer deposits.

We register and deliver well over a hundred new vehicles every month and have had a 100% delivery rate for the past 30 years since 1989.

What does ‘Parallel Import’ Mean?

Parallel imported cars are vehicles shipped straight from their brand’s origin country and then sold in other countries. Parallel Importers, also known as PIs, are alternate retailers and dealers of various brands of vehicles. Often Parallel Importers carry a wide selection of brands and models.

In terms of operations, there’s little difference between a parallel importer and an authorized distributor. Both entities import cars from the same countries or from where the manufacturer is located. 

Vehicles from authorized distributors tend to cost more as they carry a higher overhead than parallel importers – these overheads include fancy showrooms, a much larger payroll, advertising and media costs, and more.

The cars themselves typically don’t differ in terms of specifications and options. Here at VINCAR, we offer vehicles directly from their origin countries at competitive prices while passing on significant customer savings. We can also provide and tailor flexible financing plans, services, and value-added options to owners while ensuring we can provide competent technical support for our customer’s cars.

Unlike Authorised Dealers, we are a lot more flexible in our approach to the type and brand of vehicle you wish to own under one brand experience.

Over 30% of new car purchases at VINCAR every year are existing customers looking to upgrade or replace their vehicles, and we are happy to provide a hassle-free seamless experience every time.

What Porsche Cayenne Models do you carry?

Models not listed here may not be readily available and will require some time to be brought into the country (30-45 days). If you are keen on a vehicle that’s not listed here, just ask us – and we’ll do our best glad to make it happen.

Can you bring in a car if it’s not listed in your Porsche Cayenne Collection?

Just ask us, and we’ll do our best to see if you can import the vehicle of your preference.

We import hundreds of vehicles every month and are familiar with all customs regulations, documentation, approvals, logistics, restrictions, and registration procedures.

When can I expect to receive my car when I order it?

The fastest we have ever registered and delivered a new vehicle is within seven working days. This is assuming all LTA inspections, financing for passenger and vintage cars there, and insurance approvals can be processed without any delays.

The typical delivery period for most new car deliveries is within 10-14 days. If your preferred vehicle is not in Singapore yet, it may take between 30-45 days for it to arrive. Contact your appointed relationship manager or us for more details before booking your next vehicle.

I need a vehicle urgently from overseas, can you speed up the process?

Sure, we provide priority air-freight shipment for some vehicles regularly for some of our clientele. This service will incur additional fees. Contact your relationship manager for more details regarding delivery estimates.

Can you import a used Porsche Cayenne from overseas for me?

Yes, we can. We can import in a used Porsche Cayenne as long it is up to a maximum of 3 years old.

There are some regulations regarding importing used vehicles – primarily taking note that there are shipping and customs costs – including a S$10,000 surcharge (by customs).

For passenger and vintage cars, there is also a 20% excise duty levied on the vehicle’s cost. You may also need to pay compliance fees to ensure the vehicle passes LTA’s regulations. These may include tinted windows, unapproved strobes, fittings, etc.

I saw a car listed for sale on an overseas website in Japan / United Kingdom / Hong Kong etc. Can you help me import it in?

Yes, we can assist you with the purchase and import of the vehicle. We can confidently manage all customs documentation, processing, and logistic matters about the car being brought into Singapore. Please note a service fee will apply on top of the vehicle costs. Other fees may apply.

Contact us for a quotation about this service.

Can I pre-order a Porsche Cayenne, which is not released yet?

Yes, we can. We can place your order on our priority list and purchase the first vehicle available (to your specifications) the moment it is made available. 

Can I utilize a Porsche Cayenne for private hire purposes (Grab Car Rental or Gojek)?

No, we do not have Porsche Cayenne for Grab Car Rentals. We recommend that you visit our Grab Car Rental Page for more information and details about the type and model of vehicle you can utilize for Grab Car Rental usage.

Can I rent a Porsche Cayenne for short-term purposes (from 1 day to 7 days etc)?

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not provide short-term rental services.

Can I lease a Porsche Cayenne under my name (or company)?

Yes, we can. You can lease your next Porsche Cayenne with use under your name or Corporate/company entity. Our Car Leasing programs are for a minimum of 12 months. Most car leases taken up by our clientele are between 12-36 months.

For Car Leasing requirements, please read more on our Car Leasing page.

What should I do if there is a problem (technical issue / global recall issue) with my car within the warranty period?

Just bring your Porsche Cayenne back to us, and we will be able to repair or service it at our dedicated in-house servicing centre. 

We also keep parts, components, and accessories – together with an experienced team of specialized mechanics, technicians, and operation managers to deal with any major safety recalls or service campaigns from Porsche.

What should I do if my car breaks down or has an accident on the road?

Stay calm and don’t panic. You can call the support number available on the VINCAR decal located on your windshield’s left side. Our support team will be on standby 24/7 to provide you with the necessary roadside assistance and towing support.

Do you sell used/pre-owned Porsche Cayenne?

Yes, we do. Check out our pre-owned section for a collection of pre-owned used cars.

Can I trade in my Porsche Cayenne to VINCAR?

Sure, you can. We can provide a competitive trade-in value for your car. Just contact us and provide the necessary details.

Our team will be able to provide you with more details and information within a day.

What accessories will come with my Porsche Cayenne?

Upholstery, fittings, and accessories can differ from model to model. We advise that you ask your relationship manager about the available options and accessories that come with your purchase. All items will be indicated clearly in your sales agreement.

Can you provide a 100% loan for your Porsche Cayenne?

No. The maximum loan amount as per financing regulations set by the Monetary Authority of Singapore is 70% if the vehicle’s open market value is less than S$20,000 or 60% if the vehicle’s open market value is more than $20,000.

For more details, you can read this article “Rules for Motor Vehicle Loans.”

Can you provide a 10-Year financing loan tenure for your Porsche Cayenne?

No. The maximum loan tenure is seven years for private passenger vehicles and up to 10 years for private hire vehicles.

Other dealers and parallel importers are offering Zero-Money Down, 10-Year financing, and services for their cars. Why can’t you?

As the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true – it usually is. Some dealerships, especially newer and smaller parallel importers, often dangle enticing deals, discounts, and offers on social media to entice buyers to contact them.

Often such schemes lead to disappointment as the dealer may require a high down-payment amount or require the user to ‘top-up’ for COE or quote a COE amount that is not realistically biddable.

Here’s an example. A dealer advertises a car price that is $15,000 below standard market rates. After contacting the dealer – he/she will say that the expected COE price is expected to be at X amount (which is lower than the average), and at this point, you will be pressured to leave a deposit with the dealer to secure your booking at this ‘special’ price.

When the upcoming COE exercise is completed and COE prices are nowhere near the promised rate, the dealer will ask you to top up more to register your car, and else you would forfeit your booking deposit. We have seen many such examples over the years by many unscrupulous individuals and companies.

Any advertisements you see on Social Media from other dealers promising 10-Year Financing and Zero money down are also a direct violation of the Monetary Authority Of Singapore (MAS)’s regulations on “Rules for Motor Vehicle Loans.”

I see similarly named car dealerships/parallel importers in Singapore. Are they related to you?

VINCAR Pte Ltd operates under one single brand name, with only one subsidiary (VINCAR Rental and Leasing Pte Ltd).

We are aware of other parallel importers who often set up Facebook Pages and advertisements with similar-sounding names and derivatives to capitalize on our brand name.

Unfortunately, this practice leads to confusion for new car buyers who get tricked into a bait-and-switch situation.

If you have previously contacted such entities, a quick way to check is to ask if ‘XXX’ company is named ‘XXX.’ If the salesman on the line refuses to answer, dodges the question, or asks you just to visit the showroom address – without providing the company’s name, do be wary.

If the showroom you have visited does not match the original brand name introduced to you, take it as a big red flag. If these companies are willing to mislead you to visit them with a different name, they will likely not be trustworthy with other affairs.

Can I test-drive a car before I commit?

For specific models and subject to vehicle availability, we may allow test drives. Please check with your relationship manager or contact us first.

What kind of warranty do I get?

All new vehicles sold by VINCAR by default comes with a 5-year or 100,000km mileage warranty – whichever comes first. Your vehicle’s warranty can be extended to 10 years.

Please check with the sales agreement to see all terms and conditions regarding warranty and service details. All vehicles are serviced in-house at our dedicated car servicing centre located at 24 Leng Kee Road.

Does the warranty cover maintenance?

Typically, vehicle warranties do not cover maintenance fees as they are considered as two separate items. However, during our promotional periods, we may include complimentary service packages.

Check with our sales department for more information regarding active promotions or packages.

Can I purchase an extended warranty from VINCAR?

Yes, subject to terms and conditions. Do check in with our sales team to see what active extended warranty packages we have at the moment that we can assist you with.

Can you deliver the vehicle directly to my home or office address after purchase?

Yes, we can. Contact your sales representative for more details.

Where are your showrooms located?

We have showrooms in 3 locations across Singapore. Two of them are in the Leng Kee Location, 1 in the East (Ubi).

Our Flagship showroom is located at 24 Leng Kee Road, 159096.

Our Pre-Owned showroom is at 237 Alexandra Rd, The Alexcier, Singapore 159929.

Our Ubi showroom is at 61 Ubi Avenue 2 #02-16/17 Automobile Megamart Singapore 408898.

You can see more details at this link

Where is your servicing and repair centre?

Our car servicing, maintenance, and repair centre are located at 24 Leng Kee Road.

I’m not happy with my experience at VINCAR, whom can I speak to?

We apologize in advance if we have not met up to your expectations. At VINCAR, we consistently strive to provide the best buying experience with regular staff training and reviews. 

Do contact us, and our management team will review your feedback with the utmost urgency.

Who owns or manages VINCAR?

Read more about the history, brand values, and mission of VINCAR on our About Us page.

Porsche Cayenne Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)