Toyota Yaris Cross 1.5G Petrol – VINCAR 360 Tour

Virtually sit inside the new Toyota Yaris Cross 1.5G Petrol in this interactive 360 Virtual Tour and experience superior comfort and advanced technology in the compact SUV class.

Even at first glance, the new-generation Yaris is characterised by sleek, balanced and refined proportions that express robustness and a unique presence.

Overall, it exudes a much cleaner and simpler look with the familiar front grille design, black plastic trim, and cohesive rear design.

Tap your way inside to see the fine materials in the spacious interior, including plush upholstered seats and a digital display mounted in the central dashboard.

Further inside, space for rear passengers is ample, while the rear hatch offers uncompromised luggage room to fit any bulky items.

Practical, spacious, and stylish, the new Toyota Yaris Cross 1.5G Petrol is ready for any adventure on or off-road. Take the 360 Virtual Tour now to get an exclusive look.

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