Toyota RAV4 2.5X Hybrid – VINCAR 360 Tour

Take this 360 Virtual tour and experience a new level of unparalleled everyday driving comfort in the new Toyota RAV4 2.5X Hybrid without sacrificing style and functionality.

From the outside, the RAV4 displays a progressive design with an angular shape accentuated by solid contours that make a bold statement wherever it drives. Upfront, its gaping octagonal radiator grille brings a distinctive sporty aura to a family SUV.

Tap your way inside to see its practical interior with plenty of passenger space, featuring its signature SUV driving position surrounded by digital screens, control buttons, and posh-looking metal-effect trim. 

With its practical styling and equipment, the Toyota RAV4 2.5X Hybrid has enough creature comfort to enhance the luxury driving experience for every passenger.

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