Toyota Prius and more hybrid vehicles

Hybrid Vehicles available at VINCAR

Since the launch of the first-generation Toyota Prius 21 years ago, consumer-grade hybrid vehicles have come a long way in terms of power and reliability. Also, more powerful compared to their gasoline-powered counterparts yet these hybrid vehicles have better fuel consumption in return. Further, when sitting stationary in traffic, Hybrid Vehicle provides you with absolute silence as its engine shuts off and runs solely on electric power to save petrol.

Take full advantage of the current Vehicular Emissions Scheme (VES). Certainly, it comes with almost $20,000 rebate on Hybrid cars. Before it changes again after 1st July 2018.

Visit our showroom today to view an extensive range of hybrid vehicles, or call 6473 1119 / 6749 1119 for further inquiries.

– Toyota Camry Hybrid – $13X,988
– Toyota Voxy Hybrid – $12X,988
– Toyota Noah Hybrid – $12X,988
– Toyota Esquire Hybrid $13X,988
– Toyota Prius Alpha Hybrid $12X,988
– Toyota C-HR Hybrid $10X,988
– Honda Fit Hybrid $8X,988
– Honda Freed Hybrid $10X,988
– Honda Shuttle Hybrid $8X,988
– Honda Vezel Hybrid $10X,988
– Honda Grace Hybrid $9X,988

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