Toyota Noah 2.0X 8-Seater (New Facelift) – VINCAR 360 Tour

With a remarkable exterior look and cabin upgrades, the new Toyota Noah 2.0X 8-Seater (New Facelift) showcases its boxy exterior body kit in this interactive 360 Virtual Tour.

This eight-seater fleet greets its onlookers with a distinguished coloured front grille with plating moulding, flanked by fierce-looking LED headlamps.

Swipe to see its side profile with a large, sweeping window area through the third-row seats, including 15-inch steel wheels with resin full caps.

Tap inside to see its spacious interior, consisting of class-leading materials and innovative technologies that take you to new levels of comfort and practicality.

Upfront, it features a 3.5-inch monochrome multi-information display and an elevated centre console box for a more driver-focused setup.

Combining luxury, comfort and performance, the new Toyota Noah 2.0X 8-Seater (New Facelift) showcases stunning exterior details with superb interior features bringing every attribute to a perfect balance.

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