This Competent Mercedes-Benz S560 is now available in our Showroom


“The S560 overarching smoothness, its comfortable, well-sealed cabin and the isolated feel of its controls combine with Mercedes’ full suite of active driver aids to make long-distance driving feel like something of a privilege.” ~ Autocar UK

“The dashboard is gorgeous and the technology it houses first-rate. The front-seats (which, like those in the convertible, have a vent in the headrests that blows hot air at the back of your neck) are among the most comfortable fit to any car.” ~ Top Gear UK

“It’s an impressive engine and, frankly, all the S Coupe you’ll ever need. With such stout outputs, performance is effortlessly ample with 0-62mph (0-100km/h) in 4.6sec.” ~ Car UK

Three of the top automotive publications can’t be wrong! The Mercedes-Benz S560 Coupe is a genuinely competent grand tourer available right now. And ours comes with AMG Line add-ons to make it even more desirable!

(Note: The car shown here was ordered using our Special Indent Service. Find out more by calling our showrooms or leave us a message via Facebook. We will get back to you promptly)

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