The Latest Mercedes-Benz S350d L AMG Premium (W223)

S350d L AMG Premium

The pinnacle of the German brand’s product hierarchy, the latest Mercedes-Benz S350D L AMG Premium (W223) finally sets its wheels at the VINCAR showroom. This seventh-generation S-Class brings luxury, style, and technology to an entirely new level, creating new heights of advancement in its range.

S350d L AMG Premium

The luxury saloon carries some of the distinctive stylings of its predecessors, only exuding a more modest exterior profile with its smoother sides, understated sculpting, and slimmer headlights. Its imposing grille with chrome surround and new horizontally mounted taillights that extend into the boot lid create a more confident appearance. It also includes new technology, such as the MULTIBEAM LED headlamps for complex illumination and flush-fitting handles for HANDS-FREE ACCESS.

The S-Class is known for pioneering technology for the marque. It boasts a 7-inch OLED central display that floats above a wood-polished dashboard and connects to the flowing centre console in a black crystal-look finish. The digitalized and futuristic interior is hosted by the dedicated MBUX audio-visual entertainment system, which features an extended function, combining fingerprint, face, and voice recognition for the user interface.

The luxury continues with the Nappa leather upholstery, designer belt buckles front and rear with illumination, and Chauffeur package that appeals to every passenger as they lounge inside. Both front and rear seats are magnificent with their auto-electric adjustable feature with memory package and heating feature, while front passengers get to indulge more with the four-way lumbar support. 

S350d L AMG Premium

Moreover, this luxury saloon’s safety equipment comes equally advanced as its technology, headlined by the Driving Assistance package, adaptive brake lights, ATTENTION ASSIST, and PRE-SAFE system including PRE-SAFE sound. You can always feel at ease with the equipped URBAN GUARD vehicle protection, which provides all-around monitoring.

S350d L AMG Premium

The Mercedes-Benz S350D L AMG Premium (W223) is the three-point star marque’s most extensive iteration since its production. And its interior refinement, highly advanced technologies, and elegant styling only prove the luxury saloon is ahead of its time.


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