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New Leng Kee VINCAR showroom

Start your weekend at our new Leng Kee showroom

As we head into another weekend at our new Leng Kee showroom situated at Leng Kee Autopoint, we bring you a few curated photos shot by our in-house Sales team outside the premises’ lovely facade.

Have a great weekend and we look forward to serving you if you need plan on dropping by! Also… TGIF everyone!

Photos taken by VINCAR’s very own

Photos taken by VINCAR's very own

In case you’re wondering, all the photos we show are taken by one of our Relationship Managers. Who is better than someone who loves cars to shoot these cool pics? ??

Come by and view these cars and many more in the flesh soon! ?

“Citan is very rewarding” – Autocar UK

Citan is very rewarding - Autocar UK

World renowned magazine, Autocar UK, said this about the Mercedes-Benz Citan: “And as a van for an owner-driver, the Citan is rewarding – as much for its surprisingly spritely dynamics as its competitive fuel economy and CO2 emissions.”

We couldn’t agree more so come view the Citan 109 CDI Long at our showrooms today.

Details is what the BMW 5 Series all about!

Details is what the BMW 5 Series all about!

Details, details, details.

When competition is so fierce and car brands are forced to better themselves, they look at every aspect of the car, and find ways make the minutest bits and pieces even more attractive and useful.

The new BMW 5 Series is a fine example of this. Come view the 530i SE Saloon at our showrooms today!