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Midweek New Cars Arrival at our Showroom!

Midweek New Cars Arrival at our Showroom!

We aRe APproaChiNg MIdweEk aNd wE arE sO ExCIteD THaT We caN’T TyPe ProPErly!

WhY? LOOK aT aLL THeSe NIcE CaRS WE havE RigHt NOw!

LOL! We are joking, of course, but only about the typing bit. These are just a smidgen of the latest models we have in stock so drop by our showrooms soon this midweek!

(A new Vehicular Emissions Scheme, which will run for two years beginning from Jan 1, 2018, will replace the CEVs. Four more pollutants will be considered on top of carbon dioxide. So as to avoid any uncertainty as to how this will affect COE prices next year, consider buying a new car as soon as possible.)

Blue Extravaganza on our Cars – View it Today!

Blue extravaganza on our cars - view it today!

There’s something really attractive about the colour blue.

Maybe because it’s known to have a calming effect on the psyche.
Maybe because it reminds us of the skies and seas.
Maybe because its the colour that symbolises loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust.

Whatever the reasons, we love blue too, especially on our cars.

Two Hottest Crossovers in the Market

Two hottest crossovers in the market right now

The two hottest crossovers in the market right now and we have both in stock including these two awesome colours!

The Toyota C-HR 1.8G Hybrid in Dark Brown Mica Metallic and Honda Vezel 1.5RS in Morpho Blue Pearl.

Come visit our showrooms and view these rides soon!

Honda Vezel 1.5RS

Two hottest crossovers in the market right now

Most Stylish Silhouette of All Crossovers – Toyota C-HR

Most stylish silhouette of all crossover - Toyota C-HR

While it’s a well known fact that the new Toyota C-HR has one of the most stylish silhouettes of all crossovers available today, many who have come to our showroom to view this car are equally impressed by its luxurious cabin.

Well-equipped with many tasteful embellishments and useful features, it’s a comfortable place for all occupants.

Come view the Toyota C-HR Hybrid 1.8 G at our showrooms today. It’ll truly mesmerize you!

Customers Swamp at Our Showrooms for this Model

Customers swamp at our showrooms for this model

There was a constant stream of eager and excited customers in our showroom yesterday. No prizes for guessing which car was the most popular!

Come by and find out for yourself why the new Toyota C-HR Hybrid 1.8 G is the most eagerly awaited crossover in years!

The New Toyota C-HR

Enhanced Toyota C-HR 1.8G Hybrid

Launched in December 2016, the all-new Toyota C-HR is finally here!

The name C-HR stands for Compact High–Rider and this crossover is built on the Toyota New Global Architecture, the same underpinnings that support the new Prius.

There’s no mistaking the car’s exterior. It’s one of Toyota’s bolder designs and it looks futuristic. Everywhere you look, there are curves, contours and bulges. The sloped roof and rising shoulder line make for a coupe-like stance while the inward facing boomerang taillights bring a highly distinctive edge to the already striking rear fascia.

Our version is the 1.8 G variant and it comes with 18-inch alloy wheels with a two-tone finish. The engine puts out 122 hp and 142 Nm and the total hybrid system output is rated at 122 hp. Mated to a Super CVT-i transmission, this crossover consumes a mere 3.9 litres for every 100 km travelled.

The well-sorted suspension set-up delivers a wieldy feel and great response. The ride is also sophisticated, with a good blend of control and suppleness.

Inside, the cabin feels high-quality and, in contrast to the funky exterior, is neatly and logically laid out. Highlights include the sports seats with leather/fabric upholstery, leather steering wheel and gear knob, Nanoe, and gorgeously illuminated 4.2-inch multi-information display.

The C-HR Hybrid 1.8 G is also one of the safest cars in its class with Toyota Safety Sense P (pre-crash safety system, lane departure alert, automatic high beam and radar cruise control), automatic anti-dazzle inner mirror, blind spot monitor, vehicle stability control and eight airbags as standard equipment.

Come view it at our showrooms now! We are finally taking orders and we have all colours available.