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New and pre-owned: Over 200 cars available

New and pre-owned rides Over 200 cars available

The weekend is here and if you intend to go car shopping, why not check out our listings for new and pre-owned rides via your mobile device?

Browse the over 200 cars available, pick your potentials, then head to our showrooms to get up close and personal with your choices.

See you soon and have a fabulous Saturday and Sunday!

New: https://www.vincar.com.sg/vehicle-category/new-cars/

Pre-owned: https://www.vincar.com.sg/vehicle-category/used-cars/

(The photos are of our newer listings)

Toyota Prado 2.7 TX-L

New and pre-owned rides: Over 200 cars available

Porsche Cayenne S

New and pre-owned rides: Over 200 cars available

Mercedes-Benz GLA180

New and pre-owned rides: Over 200 cars available

BMW 528i M Sport

Mercedes-Benz GLC250

Mercedes-Benz GLC250 Coupe with new AMG grille

This is why Mercedes-Benz GLC250 Coupe is so eye-catching-

What’s better than an already eye-catching Mercedes-Benz GLC250 Coupe?

One fitted with the new AMG grille which is similar to the unit found on the Mercedes-AMG GT3 racecar of course!

Here’s your chance to be distinctive, and the talk of your neighbourhood!

(We couldn’t get enough of the grille hence the numerous photos!)

Grab your own Mercedes Benz GLC250 / GLC250D now

Grab your Mercedes Benz GLC250 / GLC250D now

LAST DAY to grab a Mercedes-Benz GLC250 / GLC250D (SUV/Coupe. AMG Line/BRABUS) from just $20x,988.

Ready units available, with registration before 31 Dec 2017.

Come view this and many more at our showrooms now or call 6473 1119 / 6749 1119 for further queries.

(Price listed is nett, inclusive of COE, warranty and accessories. Prices are valid till the next COE bidding (20 Dec 2017, Wed).)