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Mercedes-Benz CLA180 AMG Sport in Orient Bronze Metallic

Feel like a champion with Mercedes-Benz CLA180 AMG Sport

While it’s true that the winner of a race gets the coveted gold medal, anyone who owns this bronze-coloured Mercedes-Benz CLA180 AMG Sport will feel like a champion for sure!

The exact name of this gorgeous shade: Orient Bronze Metallic. Our car comes with the mouthwatering Night Package 18-inch wheels too!

Midweek New Cars Arrival at our Showroom!

Midweek New Cars Arrival at our Showroom!

We aRe APproaChiNg MIdweEk aNd wE arE sO ExCIteD THaT We caN’T TyPe ProPErly!

WhY? LOOK aT aLL THeSe NIcE CaRS WE havE RigHt NOw!

LOL! We are joking, of course, but only about the typing bit. These are just a smidgen of the latest models we have in stock so drop by our showrooms soon this midweek!

(A new Vehicular Emissions Scheme, which will run for two years beginning from Jan 1, 2018, will replace the CEVs. Four more pollutants will be considered on top of carbon dioxide. So as to avoid any uncertainty as to how this will affect COE prices next year, consider buying a new car as soon as possible.)