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The New 2020 Mercedes-AMG GLC43 Coupe 4MATIC Premium Plus

Facebook - Jan 16 2020 - Mercedes-AMG GLC43 Coupe 4MATIC Premium Plus - Front Angle

The new 2020 Mercedes-AMG GLC43 Coupe 4MATIC Premium Plus is here to rock your world!

If you’re a fan of coupes and SUVs then you can have your cake and eat it with this sleek yet muscular vehicle.

That unmistakable AMG-specific grille, those exclusive 21-inch double-spoke alloy wheels, the quad tailpipes of the AMG exhaust and more, the Mercedes-AMG GLC43 Coupe 4MATIC Premium Plus looks fast even when it’s standing still.

And when you put the pedal to the metal, the AMG-engineered 3-litre bi-turbocharged V6 engine, with its 390 hp and 520, and 9-speed AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT gearbox will propel this crossover coupe from 0-100 km/h in 4.9 seconds and onward to a top speed of 249 km/h!

Find out more about the new 2020 Mercedes-AMG GLC43 Coupe 4MATIC Premium Plus soon!

➡️ Leng Kee – 24 Leng Kee Road (6473-1119)
➡️ Alexcier – 237 Alexandra Road (6472-1119)
➡️ AML – 61 Ubi Avenue 2 #02-16/17 (6749-1119)

Look at the Latest Mercedes-Benz GLC300 4MATIC

Look at the latest Mercedes-Benz GLC300 4MATIC

One uber capable mid-size luxury SUV and three trim variants to choose from – AMG Premium Plus, AMG Line, and Sport.

Further check the all-new Mercedes-Benz GLC300 4MATIC!

Mercedes-Benz’s new turbocharged 2-litre 4-cylinder engine with 258 hp and 370 Nm on tap propells the three cars. Moreover, with the aid of EQ Boost and its slick-shifting 9G-TRONIC PLUS transmission, it accomplished century sprint in a mere 6.2 seconds. In addition it is with 239 km/h top speed.

Come by our showrooms and look at the GLC300 4MATIC Sport SUVs today!

➡️ Leng Kee – 24 Leng Kee Road (6473-1119)
➡️ Alexcier – 237 Alexandra Road (6472-1119)
➡️ AML – 61 Ubi Avenue 2 #02-16/17 (6749-1119)

The Iconic Mercedes-AMG G63 Edition 1 Enhanced with BRABUS

Mercedes-AMG G63 Edition 1 + BRABUS - Front

Today, we reveal that the car is none other than the iconic Mercedes-AMG G63 Edition 1 enhanced with BRABUS components!

Check out this 585 hp, 850 Nm bahn-storming. Off-road behemoth and all of its exterior and interior embellishments!

Find more about the Mercedes-AMG G63 Edition 1 + BRABUS.
Swing by our showrooms at:

Leng Kee – 24 Leng Kee Road (6473-1119)
Alexcier – 237 Alexandra Road (6472-1119)
AML – 61 Ubi Avenue 2 #02-16/17 (6749-1119)

Mercedes-AMG GLC43 Coupe with GLC63 body kit

Fresh from factory - Mercedes-AMG GLC43 Coupe is here!

The Mercedes-AMG GLC43 Coupe comes with aggressive looks fresh from the factory, and a 367 hp turbocharged V6 to go with those muscles.

We took it up a notch further with a jaw-dropping bodykit GLC63 body kit – complete with a full set of emblems.

Now, you can reach a hundred from standstill in under 5 seconds while looking magnificently meaner!

Attention-grabbing looks and storming performance? View this beast from Mercedes-AMG at our Leng Kee showroom today!

Brand New Mercedes-Benz GLA200 AMG and Mercedes-AMG GLC43

Choose between two new Mercedes-Benz and AMG models

Two new Mercedes-Benz/AMG models. Two SUVs. Which one do you prefer? GLA200 AMG or GLC43?

Mercedes-Benz GLA200 AMG

Choose between two new Mercedes-Benz and AMG models

Mercedes-AMG GLC43 with GLC63 kit

Choose between two new Mercedes-Benz and AMG models

Experts talk about the Mercedes-AMG GLC43 Coupe 4MATIC

Experts talk about Mercedes-AMG GLC43 Coupe 4MATIC

The car all of these renowned experts are referring to is the Mercedes-AMG GLC43 Coupe 4MATIC!

Car and Driver: “Mercedes-AMG peppers performance and spicy styling into its coupe/crossover casserole.”

Motoring: “It’s fast, its powertrain sounds sophisticated, its in-car tech is nearly unmatched in the class and it’s almost polite.”

Autoblog: “As it usually does, Sport Plus impresses. The throttle response is invigorating, providing a just-right interaction between your foot and the V6.”

Autocar: “You sit high but not perched in a cabin whose quality is now a clear cut above anything else you might feel tempted to call a rival.”

Come experience this supremely capable crossover at our showrooms now!