Esquire 1.8 Gi Hybrid Toyota

Type: Japanese Cars
  • Engine Capacity: 1797
  • Transmission: E-CVT (A)
  • Power: 73kW (98 bhp)
  • Torque: 142 Nm

If Batman needs to ferry his sidekick Robin, butler Alfred and his other superhero buddies in a car that complements the look of his Batmobile, then the new Toyota Esquire might just do the trick.

Here is an excerpt about the Esquire‘s striking front-end from the official press release by Toyota:

Elegant, striking front view

  • The Esquire presents a striking impression with a sense of width achieved through a large and striking T-shaped front grille down to the lower grille, a bumper profile gripped from the side, and fog light covers with a deep profile.
  • The decorative plated bars over the grille give a vertical emphasis that expresses a stunning, superior luxury, with a sense of width and solidity achieved by changing the pattern of the vertical bars arranged from the centre out to the sides. The grille bars and headlights come with a smoked-effect coating to emphasize the T-shaped profile.
  •  The Esquire‘s front marque combines the sword and shield of a medieval knight’s apprentice, the collar of a gentleman’s suit, and the abbreviation “Esq.”

That’s quite a lot to say for just one part of the MPV but then again, it is a very prominent and eye-catching snout.

Needless to say, we have the Toyota Esquire on order so please feel free to contact us!