New Porsche Cayenne S Review by Autocar UK

The new Porsche Cayenne S is ready to be owned!

The new Porsche Cayenne S is in the House!

The middle ‘child’ in the Cayenne family, the S received a commendable four-and-a-half stars from one of the top motoring publications in the world: Autocar UK.

“Traction off the line is immense, as is the accompanying surge of acceleration. There’s no discernable lag and the climb up through the rev band is deliciously linear.”

“Out on the road, the Cayenne S’s confidence in its abilities is no less apparent. With the adaptive dampers set to comfort, the Cayenne S’s primary ride is generally very fluid and supple.”

“The steering, meanwhile, is positively weighted and offers a fairly impressive level of communication with the front tyres.”

“And, as a performance SUV, the Cayenne S is a pretty magnificent thing.”

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(For the full review, click here:…/porsche-cayenne-s-2018-uk-review)

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