Mercedes-Benz C200 Saloon AMG Premium (FM2022) – VINCAR 360 Tour

Made longer and wider with better stability, take a look at the elevated performance of the new Mercedes-Benz C200 Saloon AMG Premium (FM2022) in this interactive 360 Virtual Tour. A capable C-Class saloon with a sleek appearance and elegant interior of high-quality comfort, let this luxury sedan show you what a perfect combination of style and performance looks like.

A sporty embodiment of luxury, this new addition to the current C-Class has the requisite richness of design, starting with the dynamic proportions including reduced design lines and sculptural surfaces. The brand-typical radiator grille characterises the front, while the high-quality design at the rear conveys the typical look of a Mercedes-Benz saloon.

The new C200 Saloon AMG Premium (FM2022) is presented with a sophisticated and comfortable interior that exudes a touch of elegance and sophistication and gives a visual impression of lightness. It features innovative widescreen displays combined with comfortable front seats that make every drive an experience.

Blending luxury and sportiness incorporated in one vehicle, the new Mercedes-Benz C200 Saloon AMG Premium (FM2022) elevates every driving experience, whether on business or leisure trips. 

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