Mercedes-AMG GT63 S Edition 1

Mercedes-AMG GT63 S Edition 1 - Front

“2” is for the two power domes on the bonnet! ⭐️

“4” is for the brilliant 4MATIC+ four-wheel drive system! ⭐️

“6” is for the 639 power-packed ‘horses’! ⭐️

“8” is for the eight cylinders of the awesome 4-litre bi-turbo engine. ⭐️

There are other numbers that aptly describe Mercedes-AMG’s first-ever 4-door GT63 S Coupe but we will reveal them later.

However you look at it, everything on our all-new GT63 S Edition 1 adds up to supercar performance with the functionality of a conventional saloon!

(For more information, call our sales team at 6473-1119 Leng Kee / 6749-1119 Ubi)

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