Honda Odyssey e:HEV Absolute – VINCAR 360 Tour

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Upgraded with luxury, take a tour inside and around the all-new Honda Odyssey e:HEV Absolute in this virtual 360 tour by VINCAR.

The heavy styling tweaks from its mid-life facelift created an entirely new era of luxurious styling for the Honda Odyssey e:HEV Absolute. It features fresh embellishments, such as the sportier and more imposing two-section grille flanked by fuller LED headlamps and foglights.

While the side and rear profile updates are not as intense as the front fascia, the new set of wheels, taillights, new trunk and bumper still complement its body lines, adding more personality to this premium MPV.

Click your way inside, and Odyssey Absolute welcomes you in with exquisite all-black upholstery and Ottoman seats, maximizing poshness and comfort in every ride. Further in, it reveals a spacious cabin with a 7-seater configuration and completes the front with a modern touch of technologies.

Premium in the Japanese brand’s MPV range, head on to our gallery and take the immersive virtual tour of the Honda Odyssey e:HEV Absolute from every angle.

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