Honda Freed 1.5G Welcab – VINCAR 360 Tour

Transporting elderly and wheelchair-bound passengers, the new Honda Freed 1.5G Welcab is packaged with practical and smart features that make every journey with family and friends relaxing and comfortable. Take a tour around this family MPV and explore its class-leading comfort characteristics in this interactive 360 Tour.

Sporting its seamless aluminium ramp with an electric winch mechanism, the Honda Welcab poses a practical function for safety and convenience. Tap to see the 15-inch steel wheels that improve the performance dynamics and handling of this functional MPV.

Zoom in to explore its posh design, comfort and ergonomics built for a superb finish of the interior. Headlined by the multi-information display, the Freed 1.5G Welcab provides helpful information for drivers.

The Honda Freed 1.5G Welcab offers a spacious cabin with practical functions, opening new doors to safe and calmness-filled travel in remarkable ride comfort. 

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