Experts talk about the Mercedes-AMG GLC43 Coupe 4MATIC

Experts talk about Mercedes-AMG GLC43 Coupe 4MATIC

The car all of these renowned experts are referring to is the Mercedes-AMG GLC43 Coupe 4MATIC!

Car and Driver: “Mercedes-AMG peppers performance and spicy styling into its coupe/crossover casserole.”

Motoring: “It’s fast, its powertrain sounds sophisticated, its in-car tech is nearly unmatched in the class and it’s almost polite.”

Autoblog: “As it usually does, Sport Plus impresses. The throttle response is invigorating, providing a just-right interaction between your foot and the V6.”

Autocar: “You sit high but not perched in a cabin whose quality is now a clear cut above anything else you might feel tempted to call a rival.”

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