Early Turnover Scheme (ETS)

Exchange your old commercial vehicle for a brand new unit!

Exchange your old commercial vehicle for a brand new unit today and get extra savings for your business or company!

If you have an existing commercial diesel vehicle registered between 1st Jan 2001 and 30 Sep 2006, there is good news for you, as the EARLY TURNOVER SCHEME (ETS) has been extended! Exchange your old one for a brand new one today!

The ETS gives commercial vehicle owners the chance to receive rebates of up to 90% on the current Prevailing Quota Premiums (PQP) when purchasing a new vehicle.

Together with the recent (steady) drop in PQP, it is the perfect time for you to replace your van or lorry. Compared to your current older vehicle, any of our brand new unit will afford you the following advantages:
– Peace of mind with a new 3-year warranty.
– Better fuel economy and hence, more money saved.
– Savings on road tax.
– Less maintenance headaches with EURO 6 emissions standard engine.- More safety features.
– Better overall image for your business.

Take advantage of the EARLY TURNOVER SCHEME and visit our showrooms today to view a wide range of commercial vehicles, or call 6473 1119 / 6749 1119 for further inquiries!

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