VINCAR Consignment

VINCAR ConsignmentWe do the work.  You reap the Benefits.

Sell your car with us fuss-free with VINCAR Consignment. Leverage on our ready database of buyers to sell your car at a fair price.

What is Consignment?

It means you give us permission to sell your vehicle on your behalf while you continue to maintain full and complete legal ownership of the vehicle until the deal is completed.

We will manage and handle all enquiries, calls and messages. After short-listing interested prospects,  we will negotiate with them. In addition, our service includes the process of identifying and filtering scammers & insincere time-wasters.

This will give you a hassle-free car-selling experience, where you can focus on your day without being interrupted by unnecessary phone calls. We will also assist with all forms of paperwork i.e sales agreement, transfer, insurance, loan settlement and financing with you and the other party.

Enjoy a fuss-free way of selling your vehicle, leveraging our expertise and network!

How does it work?

  1. Our sales consultants will conduct an initial valuation of your vehicle and will advise you of its maximum market value. We will also take high-resolution professional images and optimize the listing process.
  2. We will list and market your vehicle through our customer database, sales channels, website, social media and connections.
  3. You should receive an offer that’s within, or close to your valuation price soon.
  4. During this period, you can continue to use your vehicle as normal.
  5. Once we have a buyer for your vehicle, we will assist you with the transaction of the sale.

Consignment Fee

You will not get charged if your car is unsold. 

Contact Us

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I leave my vehicle at your showroom?

No, you can continue using your vehicle as per normal.

What if someone wants to view my vehicle?

We will schedule a time in advance for you and the prospective buyer to come by our showroom.

How long does this process typically take?

Our consignment deals usually take less than 30 days to conclude.