Toyota Alphard 2.5X Welcab (FL2020) – VINCAR 360 Tour

Immerse yourself in the new Toyota Alphard 2.5X Welcab (FL2020) that blends practical ergonomics with luxury in this exclusive 360 Virtual Tour.

Even at a standstill, the Toyota Alphard 2.5X Welcab (FL2020) stands out with its classic, boxy bodystyle and revamped Chromed grille. It features an aggressive streak of body contours, which make for a commanding appearance throughout the front and rear.

Virtually climb inside to see the expandable cabin space that comes with driver-focused technologies and plush adjustable seats. Its sweet Welcab option offers convenience for the elderly and disabled.

Combining luxury and comfort with useful conveyance, the new Toyota Alphard 2.5X Welcab (FL2020) remains a strong partner in the MPV lineup.

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