2020 Honda Fit 1.3GF

The all new 2020 Honda Fit 1.3GF The hatchback from Japan that changed the way the world looked at compact five-door rides has been made over and it’s here at our showrooms. The Honda Fit 1.3G F-Package sports a 1.3-litre DOHC i-VTEC in-line 4-cylinder engine which produces 97 bhp and 119 Nm. Connected to a CVT that sends the torque to the front wheels, the hatchback offers peppy performance and outstanding fuel efficiency – 4 litres per 100 km or 25 km per litre.
1.3G F-Package: https://www.vincar.com.sg/vehicle/honda-fit-1-3-gf/ 1.3G F-Package Sensing: https://www.vincar.com.sg/vehicle/honda-fit-1-3-gf-sensing/ 1.5 Hybrid: https://www.vincar.com.sg/vehicle/honda-fit-1-5-hybrid/ Come by our showrooms and find out more about the new Honda Fit Hatchback soon! Leng Kee – 24 Leng Kee Road (6473-1119) Alexcier – 237 Alexandra Road (6472-1119) AML – 61 Ubi Avenue 2 #02-16/17 (6749-1119)