Whether you are looking for a practical city car, an elegant continental saloon or the no-expense-spared luxury speedster of your dreams, the automotive shopping and buying experience should be effortless and fuss-free.

Our 5,000 square-foot showroom at The Alexcier, in the heart of the automobile retail belt on Alexandra Road, features an expansive shop floor to accommodate a wide range of automobiles across various marques and classes. Of note is the VIP nook, incorporated into the space to allow clients to take a break or make their next purchasing decision in plush, designer surroundings.

With customer satisfaction foremost on our minds, our sales specialists stay in tune both with clients’ needs, as well as the latest market developments and industry advancements. Passionate, sincere and experienced, we pride ourselves on building solid relationships, dispensing wholehearted advice and making knowledgeable recommendations “in other words, providing that elusive personal touch” with every enquiry or purchase.


At VinCar, we take customer requests and requirements seriously. Every automobile under our charge undergoes stringent pre-sales checks and is fully tested and groomed before it lays a tread on the shop floor. Furthermore, this exhaustive process is repeated even before the car is delivered. All pre-owned cars are STA checked and have limited warranties which meet or exceed the local industry standards.

After-sales care is another top priority with us at VinCar. We ensure that customers have efficient, expedient solutions for their servicing and repair needs. We choose to work only with the most trustworthy, experienced workshops which specialise in maintaining the marques that we import and sell.


Our expert team at VinCar has not forgotten those who prefer the feeling of a seasoned, well-loved automobile. Our pre-owned cars team, headed by an industry veteran, is well-equipped to recommend and advise you on your next purchase.

VinCar also has a specialised department to work with the customer who is looking for the ultimate in luxury, elegance and performance. The supercar division operates with the utmost integrity and an exclusive private database of high-net-worth clients, linking like-minded buyers and sellers for swift, fair and transparent transactions.